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Kraillinger Strasse 5, 82131 Stockdorf, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is a global supplier primarily for the automotive and mobility industries. Its core business focuses on automotive roofs, including sunroofs, panorama roofs and convertible roofs, as well as thermal comfort systems. Since 2016, the Company has also increased its focus on expanding its electromobility solutions by manufacturing electric heating systems, charging solutions and battery systems.

-The Company is organized into the following three business units:

  • Roof & Components: Develops and produces sunroofs, panorama and convertible roofs
  • Energy & Components: Develops and produces battery systems, charging solutions, and electric and fuel-operating heating systems
  • Customized Solutions: Offers solutions and services based on the Company’s product range for end customers, trade partners and manufacturers of special vehicles

-In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022, the Company’s sales across its three primary product groups were distributed as follows:

  • Roofs: 82%
  • Heating and Cooling: 11%
  • Electromobility Solutions: 7%


-The Company is a private, family-owned company.


Roof systems
-Panorama roofs

  • Large, two-panel panorama roofs
  • Sporty, single-panel spoiler roofs
  • Rail-to-rail openable panorama roofs
  • Fixed panorama roofs

-Sun roofs

  • Body-color sunroofs
  • Transparent sunroofs
  • Folding roofs
  • Lamella roofs

-Convertible roofs

  • Retractable hardtop roofs
  • Soft-top roofs
  • Hybrid top roofs
  • Fast opening and closing convertible roof functions

-Full roof systems

  • Modular roof platform
  • Space-optimized roof systems
  • Low-noise roofs
  • Multi optional roofs

-Roof systems for autonomous driving

  • Full roof sensor modules
  • Sensor technology roof integration
  • Sensor cleaning functions
  • Sensor thermal management functions

-Technologies integrated into roof systems

  • Ambient lighting
  • Switchable glazing
  • Solar roofs
  • Roof sensor modules
  • Shading systems integrated into glass panel

-Materials featured on roof systems

  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyurethane composites
  • Webasto Glas ProTec glass-plastic composite

Thermo Systems
-Fuel-operated parking heaters
-Fuel-operated auxiliary heaters
-Parking heaters
-Auxiliary heaters
-High-voltage electric heaters for electric and hybrid vehicles
-Rooftop air conditioners
-Integrated air conditioners
-Complete thermal management systems for battery electric vehicles

Charging Solutions
-Webasto Pure entry-level charging station utilizing alternating current
-Webasto Live remote-capable charging station utilizing alternating current

Battery Systems
-High-voltage battery systems
-Customized battery systems for commercial vehicles
-Standard modular battery systems for commercial vehicles
-Vehicle interface boxes
-Battery management systems
-Level 2 charging cordsets
-Webasto Turbo DX 2.0 Plug-In for cost efficiency and rapid deployment
-Webasto Go portable electric vehicle charger
-Digital solutions for charging management
-Webasto ChargeConnect backend solution to manage charging infrastructure
-Bidirectional charging systems


Mar. 1901 Wilhelm Baier founded the Esslinger Draht und Eisenwarenfabrik. The Company starts out working on sheet metal and makes all kinds of products made by stamping, cutting and bending metal. The product range consisted of wire and ironware, bicycle parts, household goods, and later airplane parts.
1908 Moved to Stockdorf near Munich.
1974 Moved into the U.S. market with the opening of Webasto Sunroofs Inc., its first foreign subsidiary.
1986 Founded Webasto AG Fahrzeugtechnik.
Jul. 2000 Buyout of the shares held by the partner Magna in the Company's headquarters in Rochester Hills has strengthened the Company's position in the United States. The Company changed the name to Webasto Roof Systems Inc.
2004 Established a joint venture with Sumi Motherson Group in India.
2008 Opening of the new headquarters of Global Comfort Solutions (GCS) in Gilching.
2009 Acquired the convertible division of Edscha.
2010 Acquired Karmann North America.
2012 Divestment of Roof and Heating Systems to the independent operating companies: Webasto Roof & Components SE and Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE. Conversion of Webasto AG to Webasto SE (Holding).
Acquired the shares of Diavia S.r.l. in Italy from Delphi Italia Automotive Systems S.r.l.
2014 Webasto SPM acquired Gaspa Otomotiv Sogutma in Turkey.
2017 Acquired of the electronics service provider Schaidt Innovations GmbH & Co. KG, based in Wörth-Schaidt, Germany.
Jun. 2018 Announced acquisition of AeroVironment’s Efficient Energy Systems business segment for USD 35 million.
Apr. 2019 Acquired shares of joint venture Webasto Donghee, a manufacturer of panorama roofs.
Jan. 2020 Inaugurated a new roof plant and battery center in Jiaxing, China.
Jan. 2021 Inaugurated a new roof plant in Phulgaon, India.
Aug. 2022 Acquired Carlex Glass Luxembourg S.A. site, expanding its capabilities in glass production.

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