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2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Panorama polycarbonate roof with 3D shape

Openable panorama roof with non-transparent rear panel

Folding roof with laminated front

Polyurethane composite fixed roof with grained surface

Folding roof system

-Installed vehicle: Opel "Adam Rocks"

Roof with atmospheric ambient lighting design

-Installed vehicle: BMW "7 Series"

Roof system made from lightweight material

Polycarbonate roof system with IR absorbing capabilities

-Installed vehicle: Smart "Fortwo"

Soft-top roof system

-Installed vehicle: Chevrolet "Corvette"

Devices to remotely control Webasto parking heater

Parking heater

Air heater

Transport refrigeration systems

High-voltage heater for hybrid and electric vehicles

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2015

Solar roof


Roof with infrared absorption

Tilting/sliding sunroof

Tilting/sliding sunroof

Installed vehicle: BMW “4 series”

Panorama roof

Installed vehicle: Changan Suzuki “SX4”

High-voltage heater for hybrid & e-vehicles

Air heaters

Parking heater

2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Panorama roof and heaters of the future

Solar roof

Fast soft top

Installed Vehicle: Jaguar "F-type"

Large openable panorama roof for sedans

Installed Vehicle: Lincoln "MKZ"

Panorama roof with 2 openable glass panels

Installed Vehicle: Suzuki "SX4"

Large, openable panorama roof

Installed Vehicle: Fiat "500L"

Large fixed panorama roof

Installed Vehicle: Fiat "500L"

1-piece panorama roof

Installed Vehicle: Volkswagen "Golf 7"

2-piece openable panorama roof

Installed Vehicle: BMW "3 series"

Tilting/sliding sunroof

Installed Vehicle: BMW "4 series Coupe"

Parking heater

Air heaters for rapid heat-up

High-voltage heater for hybrid & e-vehicles

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2013

Innovative control of parking heaters via APP

Electric high voltage heater(HVH)

Air heater

Parking heater

Panoramic sunroof

Panoramic sunroof with double opening

Openable panoramic sunroof

Openable panorama roof

Fixed panorama roof

Solar roof

Sliding sunroof

All-glass look: Panorama roof

Installed vehicle: Audi "A1"

2012 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

High voltage heater for electric and range extender vehicles

Heater unit

2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Panoramic roof for the Jaguar XJ

Panorama roof for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

Panorama roof for the Audi A1

Heating & Roof Concept

Concept Study: Light roof module with solar power

Citroen DS5:Panorama roof with 3 separate roller blinds

Fiat Panda: Panorama roof with 2 roller blinds

Audi A6 Avant: 2-piece Panorama roof with multifunctional roller blind

Parking heater

Parking heater

Delhi Auto Expo 2010

Retractable hardtop

Installed vehicle : Mazda "MX-5"

SAE World Congress 2006

Open Air System
-Five-section retractable hard top.
-Installed on VW Eos scheduled to be launched in May 2006 and in the latter half of the year in North America.
-Hydraulic type
-Operated by 12 sensors.
-Adopting single upper side rail

Stored /Completely opened /In transition /Completely closed