Samvardhana Motherson Group

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Plot No.1, Sector-127, Noida-Greater Noida, Expressway, Noida 201301, U.P., India

Business Overview

-The Company designs, produces, and sells components, systems and modules for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries.

-The Company focuses on innovative technologies and systems that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, improve vehicle performance, and support the development of intuitive driving.

-The Company has operations in 41 countries across North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia. Its broad range of products are manufactured in more than 270 facilities and 24 design centres across the globe.

-The Company is made up of three Business Groups:

Business Group % of Group Sales
1 Modules, bumpers, door trims and plastic parts 51%
2 Wiring harnesses 27%
3 Rear view mirrors 21%

-The following are the automotive-related companies that are a part of the Group.

Company Name Location Products URL
Frigel Intelligent Cooling Systems India Ltd. (FICS) Group company, JV of Matsui Technologies India Ltd. (MTIL) and Frigel, Italy India Plastic moulding and extrusion, beverage preparation and filling, metal processing, oil and gas.
Motherson Innovations SMG’s cross-divisional team UK New and innovative technologies
Motherson Invenzen XLAB (MI-XLAB) Group company India Telematics, IoT & Other electronics hardware and other related Cloud based services and Applications.
MS Global India Group company India Sheet metal component for Passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
Samvardhana Motherson Reydel Companies (SMRC) Group company France Cockpit modules, Instrument panels, Door panels, Console modules, Decorative parts and Customized solutions

-Interview with Chairman Vivek Chaand Sehgal at Tokyo Motor Show 2015 (English audio track)


  • "Motherson is a completely committed to automotive for the last 35 years. We are supplying to almost all the OEMs in the world, and it's a real honour to do that."
  • "(By owning 100% German subsidiaries) We do a lot of German car interiors, exteriors and other such parts."
  • "We have learnt from Japanese car makers. They always have a lot of time for component manufacturers."
  • "Basically (many hardships are) not challenges; these are the expectations of the customers."


-The Company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India.

Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. (Flagship company)

 (As of Mar. 31, 2019)

Shareholding Category

Shareholding Ratio (%)

Samvardhana Motherson International Limited


Sumitomo Wiring System


Mutual Funds


Foreign Portfolio Investors


Body Corporate(s)





Product Manufacturing Company
Wiring Harnesses Wiring Harnesses
High tension cords
Battery cables
Junction boxes
Relay boxes
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd
Kyungshin Industrial Motherson Private Limited
MSSL Ireland Pvt. Ltd
MSSL Mideast FZE
Motherson Sumi Electric Wires
Motherson Electrical Wire Lanka Pvt. Ltd
PKC Group
MSSL Wiring System INC
Rear View Mirrors Interior Mirrors
Blind spot detection systems
Side turn indicator lamps
Assist system signal lights
Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirrors
exterior and interior rear view vision systems
Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec
Plastic Moulding Cockpit modules
Door trim modules
Centre consoles
Pillar trims
Bumper modules
Front end modules
IP modules
Interior trims
Cowl grilles
Engine covers 
Wheel arch flares
Inner fender liners
Shrouds, consoles
Under covers
Samvardhana Motherson Peguform (SMP)
Motherson Automotive Technologies and Engineering
MSSL Advanced Polymers s.r.o.
MSSL Global RSA Module Engineering Ltd
Vacuform 2000 (Pty) Ltd
MSSL Tooling (FZE)
SMIIEL - Component Division
Motherson Polymer Solutions
Samvardhana Motherson Innovative Autosystems
Elastomer Processing Suspension Bushes
Engine & Transmission Variants
Bump Stops
Large Engine Gaskets
Weather Strips
Glass Run
Boot and Hood Seals
Tank Straps
Rubber Flares
Water strike back valves
Damper rings
Motherson Automotive Elastomers Technology
Motherson Elastomers Pty Ltd
HVAC System HVAC Systems
BCM (Body Control Module)
ECM (Engine Cooling Module)
Auto Control
Calsonic Kansei Motherson Auto Products Private Limited
Motherson Bergstrom HVAC Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Valeo Motherson Thermal Commercial Vehicles India Ltd.
Automotive Lighting Head Lamps
Halogen - Projection / Reflection
Xenon lamps
Adaptive Front light Systems (AFS)
LED Lamps
Rear Lamps
Light Guide/ Light Curtin/Light Bar
Adaptive Rear lamps Systems
Rear Combination Lamps
Rear Reflectors
Auxiliary Lamps, Other Products
Fog Lamps
Side /Front Turn Signals
Side Markers
Magneti Marelli Motherson Auto System Private Limited
Samvardhana Motherson Group
Powertrain Air Intake Manifold
Throttle Body
Fuel Rail
LPG / CNG Intake Module
LPG / CNG Injectors
Pressure Regulator
Magneti Marelli Motherson Auto System Private Limited
Samvardhana Motherson Group
Pedal System Pedal Box Module
Pedal Box Module with ABS
Pedal Box Module without ABS
ETC Pedal program
Magneti Marelli Motherson Auto System Private Limited
Magneti Marelli Motherson Shock Absorbers India Private Limited
Shock Absorbers Struts
Steering Damper
Gas Spring
Rear shocks
Magneti Marelli Motherson Auto System Private Limited
Magneti Marelli Motherson Shock Absorbers India Private Limited
Sintered Metal Parts Shock absorber components
Power train parts
Oil Water Pump components
Structural parts
Main Bearing Caps
Synchro Hubs
Suspension parts
Motherson Sintermetal Products S.A.
Precision Machined Parts Fuel Pump Parts
Plastic & Metal Combined Parts
Capstan Working – turning, milling parts
Cubic Parts
Sub assemblies with Plastics and Coatings
Machined Extruded Aluminum Shapes
Docking Plates
Parts for Microscopes
Heat Sinks for computer processors
Motherson Innovative Engineering Solutions
Aluminum Die Casted Parts Engine Parts
Powertrain parts
High strength parts
High Pressure Parts
Samvardhana Motherson Auto Component
Clutch for Car AC Compressors Clutch driver assembly
Pulley- bearing assembly
Coil- housing assembly
Youngshin Motherson Auto Tech Ltd. (YMAT)



Motherson Group was founded


First cable factory started


Technical agreement with Tokai Electric Co. (Now Sumitomo Wiring Systems-Japan) Wiring Harness


Establishment of Motherson Sumi Systems Limited (MSSL),  in joint venture with Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd., Japan


First Overseas Office established (Austria)


JV for IT, Engineering & Design company in India
Representative Office at Singapore


Acquisition of assets of Wexford electronics for manufacturing of wiring harnesses for material handling and earthmoving equipment
Design Centre at Ireland


Offices in USA & UK established


Established European headquarter at Germany


JVs for  Metal Machining in Germany,  Environment Management Systems and  Automotive Manufacturing Engineering
Acquisition of Plastic Injection Moulding and machining business in Germany


Wiring Harness Manufacturing in UK through acquisition of assets
Acquisition of Plastic Injection Moulding company in Czech Republic
Acquisition of Door Trim Business, Australia
JVs for  Bus Air-conditioning Systems, Auxiliary Equipment for Injection moulding machines


Acquisition of rubber moulding business in Australia
JVs for o HVAC systems for passenger cars,  Bimetal band saw blades, and Thin film coating metals


JV for Lighting Systems, Pedal Box Assembly & Air Intake manifolds, and precision machined metal components


Acquisition of rearview mirror business of Visiocorp. The new company is now known as Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec (SMR)


JV for HVAC Systems for commercial vehicles & Off highway vehicles


Acquisition of Peguform, it is known as Samvardhana Motherson Peguform (SMP)
Acquisition of Vacuform 2000 (Pty) Limited


Acquisition of Sintermetal S.A., Spain


JV with Nippon Pigment(s) Pte. Ltd., Singapore and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan
JV with Eissmann Automotive , Slovakia


Acquisition of wiring harness business of Stoneridge Inc.
Acquired 50% stake to form a JV with Magnetti Marelli Shock Absorbers India Pvt. Ltd


Acquisition of assets of Scherer & Trier
Acquisition of the assets of Esslingen (Germany) plant of Minda Schenk Plastic Solutions GmbH


Acquisition of automotive business Unit of Abraham es Tarsa Kft. (Abraham and Co. Ltd) Hungary


Acquisition of Kobek Siebdruck GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Acquisition of PKC Group PLC, Finland


Acquisition of MS Global India Pvt. Ltd.
Joint Venture with Ossia Inc. to bring Real Wireless Power technology

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