Zhongshan Broad-ocean Motor Co., Ltd.

Company Profile




No.22, Heli Road, Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Business Overview

-R&D, production and sales enterprise for home and household appliances, new energy vehicle powertrain systems and vehicle rotating electrical appliance.

 -Business Description:

  • HM Business Division(Construction and Furniture, Appliance, Motor Business): household appliances,etc.
  • Vehicle Business Group(VBG): starter, generator for vehicles and non-road machinery, BSG motors for energy-efficient  vehicles, drive motors and controllers, hydrogen fuel cell systems and hydrogen engine systems for new energy vehicles.
  • Operation Service for New Energy Vehicle: leasing business of new energy vehicles

 -In January 2018, the Company integrated its four holding subsidiaries and affiliated companies of Shanghai Edrive Co.,Ltd., Prestolite, Wuhu GNR and Broad-Ocean Motor into the BRAND-OCEAN Motor Business Group(VBG).

 -The Company conducted the business of powertrain systems for new energy vehicles in 2009, and participated in the vehicle rotating electric appliance business in 2011. From 2015, the Company began stepping into the business of new energy vehicle operation platform, and in 2016, the Company entered the hydrogen fuel cell business.

-The Company has the capacity of more than 300,000 sets of powertrain systems for new energy vehicles and 5 million vehicle rotating electrical appliances per year. It has 6,000 new energy vehicles which have been operated in many cities and corresponding charging facilities.

-The self-owned brand “ DAEYANG” covers home and household appliances, powertrain products for new energy vehicles, and has the permanent preempt use of Prestolite. The Prestolite is the premium brand of vehicle starters and generators, which enjoys equal popularity with Bosch, Remy, Denso and Valeo on the international market.


Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (as of Dec. 31, 2018)
Shareholders Shareholding(%)
Lu Chuping 31.85
Tibet Sheng'anneng Industrial Co., Ltd. 6.35
Xu Haiming 6.23
Others 55.57
Total 100.00


Powertrain systems for new energy vehicles
-Drive motor systems for new energy vehicles
-Controllers for new energy vehicles
-BSG Motors for energy efficient vehicles
-Hydrogen fuel cells

Automotive rotating equipment
-Start/stop motors


Oct. 2000 The company was established.
Jun. 2006 The company was restructured into a company limited by shares.
Jun. 2008 The company was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
Jul. 2009 The company signed agreements with Beijing Institute of Technology and Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., and started businesses in the NEV industry.
Dec. 2011 The company acquired 57.50% shares in Wuhu Generator Automotive Electrical Systems Co., Ltd., and became its biggest shareholder.
Oct. 2013 The company acquired 77.77% shares in Beijing Prestolite Electric Co., Ltd., and became its biggest shareholder.
Apr. 2015 The company acquired 100.00% shares in Prestolite Electric LLC.
Jul. 2016 The company acquired 9.9% shares in Ballard Power Systems, Inc., and became its biggest shareholder.
Jul. 2017 The company set up a new company with Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd. and The Management Committee of Liaocheng Economic Development Zone. The new company was named Shandong Tongyang Hydrogenic Energy Power Technology Co., Ltd., in which Zhongshan Broad-ocean holds 88% shares.
Mar. 2018 Jointly invested with Dongfeng Industrial Co.,Ltd. in the establishment of Dongfeng Industrial Brand-Ocean Electric Drive System Co., Ltd., the Company holds 60% of the total shares.

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