DURA Automotive Systems LLC.

Company Profile




1780 Pond Run, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, U.S.

Business Overview

-The company is a global automotive supplier that designs and manufactures mechatronic control systems, electric systems, lightweight structural body systems, and exterior systems, and designer exterior trim.

-The Company provides components for more than 300 vehicle models worldwide.


-The Company is majority owned by Patriarch Partners LLC.


Control systems
-Automatic and manual shift systems
-Cable and rod shift systems
-Automatic straight-gate and cross-gate shifters
-Guide controls and inertia modules
-DigShift shift-by-wire actuators
-Electronic shifter controls
-Shift knobs
-Shift-by-wire driver interfaces
-Shifter cables
-Transmission actuators
-Mechatronic park lock actuators
-Park brake cable systems
-Tire carriers
-Hood, trunk and door release systems
-Latch systems
-Lightweight driver control systems
-Traditional & adjustable pedal systems
-Parking brake systems
-Light duty cables
-High performance shift cables
-Fuel filler release cables
-Specialty safety release cables
-Heavy-duty body cables
-Fuel rails
-EGR tubes

Exterior systems
-Integrated liftgate systems & modules
-Encapsulated glass
-Roof rail systems
-High gloss and low gloss exterior trim
-Tonneau finishers
-Guide rails
-Front grill trim systems
-Door waistline trim
-Door upper trim
-Exterior roof and slide trim
-Plastic pillar cappings
-Metal pillar cappings
-Power heated rear sliding windows
-Sliding window systems with flush glazing glass
-Mass transit glass systems
-TPE and PVC glass encapsulation
-Integrated tailgate systems
-Movable glass sytems
-In-line-vehicle-sequenced systems
-Body colored glass trim
-Flip window solutions
-Quick-Change windows for mass transit vehicles
-Frameless serviceable windows for mass transit vehicles
-Framed windows for mass transit vehicles

Structural systems
-Lightweight body-in-white door structures
-Door headers
-Door frames
-Space frame components
-Structural reinforcements
-Rocker panels and reinforcements
-Chassis rails
-Pillar reinforcements
-Side-impact beam systems
-Hinge systems
-Steering & tubular products
-Charge air duct modules
-Seat recliners & stampings
-Seat adjusters
-Seat structures
-Recliner mechanisms
-Seating tracks

Metal products
-Engine parts
-Gear box parts
-Charge air cooler assemblies
-Steering shafts
-Transmission hubs
-Bearing retainers

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