Superior Industries International, Inc.

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26600 Telegraph Road, Suite 400 Southfield, MI 48033, USA

Business Overview

-A supplier of cast and forged aluminum wheels to the automobile and light truck manufacturers.


-Listed on New York Stock Exchange.


Cast aluminum and flow formed wheels


1969 Established in Delaware, USA.
1970 Acquired Aves Manufacturing Co.
Jan. 1971 Acquired Industrias Universales Unidas De Mexico, S.A.
Dec. 1972 Acquired Monarch Die Casting Corp.
Jan 1973 Entered into the OEM road wheel business. 
Acquired Ideal Manufacturing Co.
Sep. 1980 Sold its 50% interest in Ideal Algonquin Ltd.
Aug. 1986 Acquired NT & M Corp.
1994 Reincorporated in California, USA.
Built its first plant in Chihuahua, Mexico to manufacture wheels.
Completed construction of a new chrome plating wheel facility in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
1995 Entered into a 50-50 joint venture, Suoftec Light Metal Products, Ltd., with German based Otto Fuchs Metallwerke to establish a European manufacturing facility.
1996 Acquired the "Perfection " product lines from Walker Manufacturing Company.
Established a joint venture, Astechnology, Inc. with Alumax Inc.
1997 Obtained its first non-wheel aluminum automotive components order, a transmission support bracket for the Oldsmobile Intrigue. 
1998 Entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for a unique proprietary "hybrid" aluminum casting/forging technology called "Cobapress".
1999 Purchased a facility in Heber Springs, Arkansas.
Jan. 2003 Discontinued selling aftermarket products and sold the remaining inventory to another company.
2006 Discontinued its chrome plating business located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Sold substantially all of the assets and working capital of the aluminum suspension components business to Saint Jean Industries, SAS, from whom the Company licensed the Cobapressa technology.
2007 Ceased wheel manufacturing operations in Johnson City, Tennessee.
2008 Ceased wheel manufacturing operations in Pittsburg, Kansas.
Jun. 2009 Ceased wheel manufacturing operations in Van Nuys, California.
Jun. 2010 Sold its entire stake in Suoftec Light Metal Products Production & Distribution Ltd. (Suoftec) in Hungary to Otto Fuchs KG (German), a joint venture partner.
Acquired 8.7% shares of Synergies Castings Limited, an aluminum wheel manufacturer based in India.
2013 Established 4th Aluminum Wheel facility in Mexico Chihuahua.
Dec. 2014 Closed Aluminum wheel facility in Rogers, Arkansas, USA.
2015 Moved headquarters to Southfield, Michigan from California.

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