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Derschlager Strasse 26, 58540 Meinerzhagen, Germany

Business Overview

-A Manufacturer of lightweight metals, extrusions, forgings and semi-finished and finished products.

-The Company is organized in four divisions: Aerospace, Vehicle, Construction and General Engineering.


-The Company is privately owned.




1910 Established as a brass foundry.
1930's Was the first medium-sized company in Germany to use the material of the future-aluminum.
1940's Large, high-quality die-forged parts mark another technological leap forward. Magnesium and its alloys supplement the range of materials used.
1950's Production of synchronizing rings started.
1964 Made the first mass-produced aluminum wheel, "vane-type" for the Porsche 911.
1960's Acquisition of Schueco.
1970's Was the first in Europe to manufacture forged aluminum parts, synchronizing rings and forged aluminum wheels for mass-produced passenger cars, thus opening up new possibilities for light-weight construction in the automotive industry.
1980's Acquisition and expansion of Weber Metals.
1997 Established a Hungarian joint-venture with Superior Industries, the world's largest manufacturer of aluminum wheels. The 50/50 joint venture, Suoftec Light Metal Products Production & Distribution Ltd., started trial production at its new aluminum car wheel factory in Tatabanya, Hungary.
1990's At the request of customers, products become increasingly specific.
2006 Foundation of the Joint-Venture FOXTEC Ikhwezi (Pty) Ltd. in East London, South Africa with IKHWEZI Investment Holding (Pty) Ltd. (30%).
2010 Acquired 50% shares in the 50-50 joint-venture called Suoftec Light Metal Products Production & Distribution Ltd. from its joint-venture partner, Superior Industries.
2012 Chinese subsidiary OTTO FUCHS Technology (Shenyang) Co. Ltd., founded in 2011, will start production of forged chassis parts in China in 2012.

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