erae Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.
(Formerly Korea Delphi Automotive Systems Corporation)

Company Profile



664 Nongong-ro, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea

Business Overview

-The Company manufactures core parts and modules for automobiles such as electric components, brake systems, steering systems and A/C systems.

-The Company was established in December 1984 as a 50-50 joint venture between GM of the USA and Daewoo group of Korea.

-In October 2017, as a result of a new operating structure, the company split its business operations. The climate-control business remained at erae Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., while the electrical equipment and chassis businesses were spun off into a new company, erae AMS Co., Ltd.


(as of Dec. 31, 2018)
Major Shareholders Investment Ratio (%)
Shanghai HT Holding HongKong Limited 51.0
erae CS 49.0
Total 100.00


Engine management systems
-Plug hole coils
-Catalytic converters
-EGR valves
-Powertrain Controllers

Brake systems
-Power brakes
-Proportioning valves
-Front caliper brakes
-Rear caliper brakes
-Parking brakes
-Drum brakes
-Proportioning Valves

Thermal systems
-HVAC modules
-HVAC controllers
-Heater cores
-Cooling modules
-Transmission oil coolers
-Charge air coolers
-Air oil coolers
-Cooling fans

Steering systems
-Steering columns
-Power steering pumps
-Intermediate shafts
-Manual steering gears
-Power steering gears
-Speed sensitive gears

Driveline systems
-Half shafts
-Rzeppa joints
-Tripod joints
-Cross groove joints
-Tubular shafts
-Intermediate drive shafts


Oct. 1984 The Company was established as a 50-50 joint venture between GM of the USA and Daewoo group of Korea.
Dec. 1994 The Company acquired ISO9001 certification.
Dec. 1995 The Company set up a new plant in Jincheon.
Nov. 1996 The Company set up a new plant in Gunsan.
Nov. 1997 The Company acquired QS9000 certification.
May. 1998 The Company established a technical center.
Aug. 1998 The Company acquired Yeoju plant of Daewoo Electronics and launched automotive electronic controlsystem business.
Jan. 2000 The Company adopted a new company name, Korea Delphi Automotive Systems Corporation.
Apr. 2003 The Company established KDAC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
Aug. 2004 The Company relocated head office to Daegu.
Sep. 2005 The Company set up a new plant in Bupyeong plant.
Sep. 2007 The Company established Changshu KDAC Co., Ltd. in China.
Dec. 2014 The Company established eKdac in Korea.
Nov. 2015 The Company name change from Korea Delphi Automotive Systems Corporation to erae Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.
Aug. 2016 The Company established erae Automotive Systems Mexico, De. R. L. Dec. V in Mexico.
Oct. 2017 On October 2017, the electrical equipment business and chassis business were spun off and became the businesses of a new company erae AMS Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2017 erae AMS, which was sold to Changshu erae Co.,Ltd. located in Jiangsu Province, manufactures brakes, steering columns, steering shafts, alternators and other products.

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