Gentherm Incorporated (Formerly Amerigon)

Company Profile



21680 Haggerty Road, Suite 101, Northville, MI 48167, USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a thermal technology specialist that designs, develops and manufactures heating, cooling and ventilating devices for a variety of industries, including the automotive industry. The Company supplies thermal comfort and convenience solutions, climate seating, specialized cable systems, battery thermal management systems and integrated electronic components for the automotive industry.

-The Company’s customers in the automotive industry include passenger car OEMs, commercial vehicle OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and aftermarket seating distributors.

-The Company currently consists of two operating segments, as shown below:

Operating Segment Primary Function
Automotive Manufactures seat comfort systems, automotive cable systems, integrated electronic components such as blowers and ECUs, and thermal convenience products including heated steering wheels.
Industrial A combination of the Company’s advanced research and product development division and Gentherm Global Power Technologies, a subsidiary which develops thermoelectric generators.


-The Company is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.


Seat Comfort
-Heated seating systems
-Climate controlled seating systems (ventilation, cooling, and heating)
-Air conditioners installed in neck area of seat

Interior Comfort
-Heated interiors
-Heated steering wheels
-Heated and cooled cup holders
-Heated doors
-Heated armrests
-Thermal storage bins

-PTC heater
-Temperature controller
-Electronic control units

Cable Technology
-Flat cables
-Wiring harnesses

Battery thermal management systems

Air moving devices
-AC/DC/EC motors
-Fans and blowers
-Fan trays


1991 The Company was founded as Amerigon in California.
1993 Issued first IPO.
1999 Introduced first climate controlled seat.
2003 Opened a manufacturing plant in China.
2004 Opened a manufacturing plant in Ukraine.
2005 Moved headquarters from California to Michigan.
2008 Acquired Comair Rotron Shanghai, a manufacturer of air-moving solutions such as fans and blowers.
2011 Acquired majority ownership of W.E.T. Automotive Systems, a manufacturer of thermal comfort solutions.
2012 Changed name to Gentherm.
2013 Registered squeeze-out transaction of W.E.T. which led to full ownership and control of W.E.T.
2015 Established new production facility in central Mexico.
2017 Acquired Etratech Enterprises

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