ABC Group, Inc.

Company Profile



2 Norelco Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9L 2X6

Business Overview

-A manufacturer of plastic components and systems for the automotive market

-The Company manufactures products through four segments.

  • Engine Support Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Exterior Systems
  • Interior Systems

-In October 2011, the Company announced the signing of a global alliance agreement with Japan's Inoac Corporation.


-The Company is privately owned.


Interior Systems
Interior Systems

  • Instrument panels
  • Knee bolsters
  • Active knee bolsters
  • Side bolsters
  • Glove box bolsters
  • Air bag doors
  • Seat backs
  • Cargo management 
  • Center consoles
  • Close-out panel
  • Door panels
  • In-mold decorating components
  • Interior trim
  • Structural A-pillars


  • A/C I/P ducts
  • A/C floor ducts
  • A/C rear ducts
  • A/C roof ducts
  • Demister ducts
  • Defroster ducts
  • Console ducts
  • Auxiliary ducts

Exterior Systems

  • Bumper beams
  • Heavy truck bumpers
  • Blow molded integrated fascia-bumper beams
  • Mud guards
  • Spoilers
  • Spoilers with light
  • Blow molded running board
  • Blow molded assist step
  • Running board end caps
  • Wheel flair
  • Exterior mirrors
  • Body side molding 
  • Bed extenders

Engine Support Systems
Air management systems

  • Fully integrated air induction systems
  • Air intake systems
  • Air intake ducts
  • Clean and dirty air ducts
  • 3D co-extruded air intake ducts
  • Soft-hard-soft ducts
  • Integrated air induction and fluid reservoir systems
  • Engine covers
  • Resonators
  • Air cleaner housings

Fluid management

  • Combined washer reservoir/resonator system
  • Integrated washer/coolant reservoir systems
  • Windshield washer reservoir assemblies
  • Coolant overflow reservoir assemblies
  • Surge tank assemblies
  • Power steering reservoirs
  • Other assemblies

Flexible products

  • Rack and pinion boot
  • CVJ boots
  • Suspension dust cover
  • Prop shaft boot
  • Center take-off boot 
  • Air demister hoses
  • Steering column covers
  • Flexible hoses

Fuel Systems

  • Mono-layer and multi-layer fuel tank systems
  • Mono-layer and multi-layer fuel filler pipes
  • Conductive multi-layer fuel filler pipes
  • Fuel filler housings
  • Mono-layer and multi-layer plastic heat shields
  • Fuel system components


1974 ABC Group Inc. formed.
1977 Acquired Polybottle.
1985 Entered a joint venture agreement with Inepsa in Spain to form Plasticos ABC S.A.
1986 Formed a joint venture with Todd Stewart to form International Sales & Engineering Inc.
1987 Formed a joint venture with Nishikawa Kasei Co. of Japan to form N-A Plastic Co., Ltd., a blow-molding plant.
1990 Formed a joint venture in Germany for marketing and development of blow-molded products.
1994 ABC Automobil Formteile GmbH in Germany and Plasticos ABC Spain, S.A. became wholly owned and managed by the Company.
1997 International Sales & Engineering Inc. became wholly owned and managed by the Company.
1999 MSB Plastics Manufacturing Ltd. became wholly owned and managed by the Company.
2001 Acquired Hynes blow-molding operation from Lankfer Diversified Industries Incorporated.
2010 ABC Group Fuel Systems announced strategic alliance with YAPP Automotive Parts Co. Ltd.
2011 Entered a joint venture agreement with Ningbo Inoac Huaxiang Automobile Products Co. Ltd. in China.
Signed Global Alliance agreement with Japan's Inoac Corporation.

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