ROKI Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



2396 Futamata, Futamata-cho, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, 431-3314, Japan

Business Overview

-Main products are air cleaners, intake manifolds, and oil tanks.



-The Company has developed an automatic transmission (AT)-use plastic oil pan that is roughly 30% lighter than metal counterparts. The plastic oil pan has been adopted for a new ten-speed AT used in Toyota Motor Corporation's Lexus LC luxury coupe. The new AT is made by Aisin AW Co., Ltd.


-Air cleaners

  • Air cleaner assemblies for 2-wheel application
  • Air cleaners for 2-wheel application
  • Air intake systems for scooter
  • Secondary air cleaners
  • Air intake systems for 4-wheel application
  • Vehicle cabin filters

-Intake manifolds

-Power steering oil tanks

-Carbon canisters

-Automatic transmission fluid/strainers

  • Automatic transmission strainers
  • ATF filters
  • Line filters

-Engine oil filters

-Fuel filters


Apr. 1958 The Company was established.
July, 1963 Transferred its headquarters plant to the current site and newly established a research center.
Oct. 1989 Established Filtech Inc. in the U.S.A.
Oct. 1994 Established China Ocean Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
Nov. 1994 Established Toyo Roki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
Dec. 1996 Formed a technical alliance with Lumax Co. of India.
Aug. 1997 Obtained ISO9001 certification.
Sep. 2001 Established PT Filtech Indonesia in Indonesia.
Nov. 2001 Established Filtech Suzhou Co., Ltd. in China.
Dec. 2002 Began producing the Ion exchange unit.
Feb. 2004 Completion of Hamamatsu factory.
Mar. 2004 ISO14001 accreditation acquired, by Hamamatsu and Kumamoto factory.
Mar. 2006 Completion of the Global Headquarter Building.
July, 2007 Established Filtech Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Vietnam.
June, 2008 Acquisition of TS16949 Accreditation.
July, 2008 Change of company name to ROKI Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2010 Formed a business alliance with Mark IV Systems Moteurs S.A.S. of France.
Established ROKI Minda Co., Ltd. in India.
Jan. 2011 U.S. subsidiary adopted a new company name, ROKI America Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2011 Thai subsidiary adopted a new company name, ROKI (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Indonesian subsidiary adopted a new company name, PT. ROKI Indonesia.
Chinese subsidiary adopted a new company name, ROKI Suzhou Co., Ltd.
Aug. 2011 Vietnamese subsidiary adopted a new company name, ROKI Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2013 Established ROKI Global Innovation Center in Shizuoka Pref., Japan.
Oct. 2014 Established Europe Branch Office ROKI Europe S.A.R.L. in Orsay, France.
Apr. 2015 Established Korea subsidiary ROKI Korea Co., LTD. in Seoul, Korea.
Sep. 2015 Established ROKI Fukuoka Co., Ltd. in Fukuoka Pref., Japan.
Nov. 2015 Established ROKI Asia Pacific Trading Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand.
Jul. 2016 Established ROKI R&D INDIA Private Limited
Dec. 2017 Established ROKI Vietnam Trading Co.,Ltd.

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