NVIDIA Corporation

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2788 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a technology company which designs graphics processing units (GPUs) and platforms for four separate markets: Gaming, Professional Visualization, Datacenter, and Automotive.

-The Company’s operations related to the automotive market are focused around cockpit infotainment solutions, autonomous vehicle platforms and related development agreements. 

-The Company is organized into two reportable segments:

  • GPU: Products aimed at specialized markets
  • Tegra Processor: Integrates computers onto a single chip to drive supercomputing for applications including autonomous vehicles

-The Company employs a fabless manufacturing strategy and does not directly manufacture the semiconductors used for its products. Instead, it utilizes suppliers for all phases of the wafer manufacturing process such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Samsung Electronics. The Company also uses independent subcontractors for assembly, testing and packaging, while performing quality assurance and configuration on incoming semiconductors itself.


-The Company is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market.


ーXavier System on Chip (SoC)
-Hardware for autonomous driving platform

  • DRIVE AGX Pegasus capable of 320 TOPS
  • DRIVE AGX Xavier capable of 30 TOPS with low power consumption

-Software for autonomous driving platform

  • DRIVE AV Safety Force Field computational framework for autonomous vehicles
  • DRIVE IX intelligent experience software development kit
  • DRIVE AR augmented reality software development kit
  • DRIVE AutoPilot level 2+ autonomous system
  • DRIVE AP2X level 2+ autonomous driving solution (includes DRIVE AV, DRIVE IX, and DRIVE AutoPilot)

-DRIVE Constellation autonomous vehicle simulator consisting of sensor simulator server and vehicle computer server
-DGX deep-learning AI systems for data center applications
-DRIVE Mapping solution to create, update and localize cloud-based maps


1993 NVIDIA founded
1994 Established first strategic alliance with SGS-THOMPSON
1998 Partnership contract with TSMC
1999 Invented GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
2008 Started selling TEGRA Mobile Processor
2015, Jan. Announced NVIDIA DRIVE computer for automotive application

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