MAHLE Electric Drives Japan Corporation (Formerly Kokusan Denki)

Company Profile



3744 Ooka, Numazu City, Shizuoka Pref., 410-0022 Japan

Business Overview

-The Company was originally established in 1931 as Kokusan Denki Co., Ltd. In 2015, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mahle Japan Co., Ltd. In 2016 it adopted the name Mahle Electric Drive Systems Co., Ltd.

-Its main products are motors, actuators, and generators. Also, brakes, steering systems, and HVAC systems are being produced at the electronics & mechatronics business of the Mahle Group.


-Unlisted  (wholly owned subsidiary of MAHLE GmbH)


Motors for electric power steering - EPS
Motors for anti-lock brake systems - ABS
Motors for electronic stability control systems - ESC
Magnetos; as ignition devices
Ignition coils
AC generators
DC brush motor for ABSs
DC actuator motor for vehicles
CD ignition units
Voltage regulators
Safety controllers
Electronic governor systems
Gas heat pump control devices
Battery-less EFI


1931 Established in former Koujimati-ku, Tokyo to carry out the mission of localizing production of magnetos for airplane use (high-pressure magnetic electrical generators for engine ignition)
1942 Established Sunto factory in Numazu, Shizuoka.
1946 Changed production to meet civilian demand and re-opened the factory. Started production of magnetos in September of the same year.
1949 Moved the headquarters to Oooka, Numazu. Made the Sunto Factory into the headquarters factory.
1951 Began mass production of magnetos for motorcycles and various agricultural engine applications.
1956 Began production of magnetic exciting exchange generators.
1956 Invested in Hara Kogyo.
1957 Invested in Maruhachi Denki.
1961 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1963 Started production of small motors.
1967 Started production of exchange generators for fish-luring lights.
1968 Business tie-up with Hitachi.
1972 Changed the name of Maruhachi Denki to Kokusan Denki Buhin KK and made it a subsidiary.
1973 Invested in E-to Denki. (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
1986 Joint-venture company INDIA NIPPON ELECTRICALS LIMITED is established in India and Technology licensing to the joint venture begins.
1987 Received a commission from Hitachi, Ltd. to manufacture magnetos for motorcycle and outboard boat motors.
1991 Production of ABS motors begins, enters automotive market.
1992 Began direct sales of magnetos for motorcycle and outboard boat motors that were manufactured for Hitachi Seisaku-jo by commission.
1996 Established a joint venture Lang Fang Kokusan Electric Co., Ltd. to manufacture and sell electric products for motorcycles. It is currently an affiliated company accounted for under the equity method.
2004 Acquired the Gotenba factory of Tektronix Japan, Ltd., making it into its own production facility. (Located in the city of Gotenba, Shizuoka Prefecture.
2005 Started mass-production of Electric power steering motors.
2006 The entire operations of Kokusan Denki Buhin were transferred to Hara Kogyo, which combined operations of the two companies and changed the company name to Kokusan Tech, Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
2007 Received ISO/TS 16949 certification. (ABS motors, EPS motors)
2013 MAHLE Japan Corporation has became a major shareholder of the Company.
2014 Established a consolidated subsidiary, Kokusan MAHLE Siam Co., Ltd. in Samut Prakan Province, Thailand.
2015 Mahle Japan Ltd. announced that it will acquire all outstanding shares of the Company by means of a tender offer.
Jun. 2015 MAHLE Japan holds 90.12% of the Company's shares through a tender offer. In accordance with this transaction, the Company was delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Jan. 2016 The Company changed its corporate name to MAHLE Electric Drives Japan Corporation.

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