Kyung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



6, Seongseo-ro 35-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

Business Overview

-The Company manufactures transmission parts, control cables, door latches, tanks, pedals, and levers.

-Its largest customer is Hyundai Motor Company. It has been supplying its products also to Kia Motors and GM-Daewoo (currently GM Korea) since 2000.

-The Company launched commercial production of next-generation automatic transmission components in 1998. These products are being supplied to Hyundai Motor and Hyundai Transys.


(As of Dec. 31, 2020)

Major Shareholders Investment ratio (%)
Il-Ho, Son 17.85
Tae-Hoon, Son 6.05
Dae Gyung AS Co., Ltd. 7.03
Total 30.93


-Door Latch Cable
-Regulator Cable
-Seat Cable
-Adjust Cable
-Choke Cable
-Throttle Cable
-Hood Latch Cable
-Fuel FILLER Door Latch Cable
-Auto CRUISE Cable
-T/Lid Cable
-MTM Cable
-Auto T/M Cable
-Clutch Cable
-Parking Brake Cable
-Accelerator Cable

-Reservoir Tank (Power Steering)
-Reservoir Tank (EHPS)
-Reservoir Tank (Clutch)

-Pedal & Cable Assembly (Parking Brake)
-Pedal & Booster Assembly
-Clutch Pedal
-Brake Pedal
-Accelerator Pedal

-Auto Lever
-Manual Lever
-Parking Brake Lever

Auto TM (Drum, Hub, Cup)
-Shell Inter Rear CONN
-Guide O/D Oil
-Retainer Assembly-2ND Brake
-Cup Direct Panet Carrier
-Cup Over Drive Panet Carrier
-Hub Rear Clutch
-Hub H&L Reverse Clutch
-Hub Low Coast Brake
-Hub Direct Clutch
-Hub Reverse Clutch
-Hub Clutch
-Hub Under Drive Clutch
-Drum Front Brake
-Drum Lock UP
-Drum Reverse H/L Outer
-Drum Direct Clutch
-Drum Reverse Clutch
-Drum Under Drive Clutch

-Band Assembly - Fuel/Tank
-Striker Assembly – Tail/Gate
-Holder Assembly – Child/Rest Hook


1977 The Company was established.
1987 The Company established Kyung Chang Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
1988 The Company established KCW Corporation.
1993 The Company established Plant No. 2.
1993 The Company, Kyung Chang Precision Industrial, and KCW jointly established a technical research center.
1994 The Company was listed on the KOSDAQ market.
1996 The Company acquired ISO9002 certification.
1999 The Company acquired QS9000 certification.
2002 The Company established Kyung Chang Even Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Province, China.
2003 The Company set up a second plant for its transmission division.
2004 The Company established Plant No. 3.
2005 The Company acquired TS16949 certification.
2006 The Company acquired ISO14001 certification.
2010 Relocated the cable plant.
2013 The Company established Plant No. 4 at Hyeonpung.

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