Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



330, Naganuma-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba, 263-0005, Japan

Business Overview

-A leading supplier of automotive rubber and synthetic resin products.


Window parts
Glass runs
Window frames/partitions

Hood parts
Hood seals

Interior/Exterior parts
Assist grips

Trunk, Back door parts
Trunk lids / Back door weather strips

Door parts
Door weather strips
Welt body sides
Parting seals

Engine, Drivetrain parts
Engine mounts
Center bearing insulators

Exhaust parts
Exhaust mounts
Dynamic dampers

Water hose parts
Radiator hoses
Heater hoses
Water hoses

Intake hose parts
Blow-by hoses
Inlet hoses

Oil hose parts
Torque converter hoses
Breezer hoses

Cushion parts
Bumper rubbers

Other seal parts
Plug rubbers / Grommet rubbers
Filler neck packing
Steering wheel covers
Control lever boots
Insulator trans holes

Suspension parts
Strut mounts (Steel, Aluminum)
Bound bumpers
Spring sheet rubbers
Stabilizer bushes
Axle bumpers

Exhaust hoses
Vacuum hoses
Air hoses

Fuel hose parts
Filler hoses
Vent hoses
Fuel hoses
Evaporator hoses

Brake hose parts
Master back hoses

Pedal parts
Pad pedals

Brake master cylinder parts
Master cylinder cups
Diaphragm gaskets

Disc brake parts
Piston seals
Piston boots for brake calipers
Pin boots for brake calipers

Drum brake parts
Wheel cylinder cups
Piston boots for wheel cylinders


Oct. 1939 Established Kinugawa Protection Film Co. Ltd. in Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo as a manufacturer of automotive components and other rubber products with a capital investment of 70,000yen.
Jul. 1961 Changed the trade name to Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd.
May, 1962 Established Chiba Plant in Chiba City, Chiba and started operations.
Jul. 1962 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Mar. 1971 Established a joint venture, Chung Kwang Rubber Goods Mfg. Co., Ltd. in Taipei with Chungtai Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
Sep. 1978 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Aug. 1985 Established CKR Industries Inc. in Winchester, Tennessee with Sherdon Rubber Company in USA.
Jul. 1991 Established a subsidiary, Kinugawa Rubber (U.S.A.) Inc. in Winchester, Tennessee
Jan. 1994 Chung Kwang Rubber Goods Mfg. Co., Ltd., the company's subsidiary, established Tianjin Star Light Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, China as a joint venture with local investors (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Dec. 1995 Acquired 70% of the stock of Toyo Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd.
Aug. 1996 Chung Kwang Rubber Goods Mfg. Co., Ltd., company's subsidiary established as 100% subsidiary "Fuzhou Fukwang Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd." in Fuzhou City, China (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Sep. 1997 Closed the Chiba Plant and sold the land.
Sep. 1997 Dissolved Koriyama Kinugawa Co. Ltd. and began operations as Koriyama Plant
Sep. 1998 Closed and sold Fujisawa Logistics Center.
Jan. 1999 Nissan and Toyo Rubber agreed on the transfer of stocks of Kinugawa Rubber.
Apr, 1999 Merged Taiyo Rubber Industry with Narita Gosei Co. Ltd.
Mar. 2000 Established Kinutech, a subsidiary, in Inage-ku, Chiba (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Jun. 2001 Established Kinugawa (Thailand), a joint subsidiary in Thailand (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Sep. 2001 Changed three Japanese plants (Koriyama, Kyushu, Moka) into subsidiaries for outsourced production; Kinugawa Koriyama in Koriyama-shi, Fukushima Prefecture, Kinugawa Ooita in Nakatsu-shi, Ooita Prefecture, and Kinugawa Anti-vibration Components and Kinugawa Brake Components (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Moka-shi, Tochigi Prefecture.
Apr. 2003 Merged Shimada Channel Seisakusho into Sato Gomu Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2004 Established a consolidated subsidiary, SEC Kasei, in Shunan-City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.
May, 2004 Acquired additional shares in Teito Rubber, a consolidated subsidiary.
Jul. 2005 Transferred part of the capital held in shares of Tianjin Star Light Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. in China. The Chinese company is currently affiliated under the equity method.
Nov. 2006 Established a consolidated subsidiary, Kinugawa Rubber (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., in Guangzhou, China.
Jun. 2007 Acquired shares in CPR Gomu Ind. P.C.L. of Thailand, which is now a consolidated subsidiary.
May 2010 Established Kinugawa Mexico, S.A. de C.V. in Guanajuato, Mexico.
Dec. 2010 Established a new subsidiary Kinugawa Rubber (Wuhu) Co., Ltd. in Wuhu, China.。
Mar. 2012 Established PT Kinugawa Indonesia.
Dec. 2012 Established Kinugawa Rubber India Private Limited in Tamil Nadu.
Established a new subsidiary Kinugawa Rubber (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou, China.
Jun. 2013 Established a new Limited Liability company Kinugawa RUS in Izhevsk, Udmurt, Russia.
Nov. 2013 Established a new company KINUGAWA BRASIL Ltda. in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Aug. 2016 VG Holdings No.1, which operates under the Development Bank of Japan Inc., completed TOB and acquired 92.41% of voting rights in Kinugawa Rubber.
Oct. 2016 Kinugawa Rubber was delisted from the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange pursuant to criteria for delisting.
Feb. 2020 Announced the merger of Teito Rubber Co., Ltd., a subsidiary.

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