Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Company Profile



155 Harlem Avenue, Glenview, IL 60025, USA

Business Overview

-The Company is a global manufacturer of a diversified range of industrial products and equipment with 84 divisions across 51 countries.

-The Company is organized into seven reportable segments:

  • Automotive OEM
  • Test & Measurement and Electronics
  • Food Equipment
  • Polymers & Fluids
  • Welding
  • Construction Products
  • Specialty Products

-The Company’s sales in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022 totaled USD 15,932 million. The Company’s Automotive OEM segment contributed approximately 18.6% of its total sales, or USD 2,969 million.

-Businesses in the Company’s Automotive OEM segment produce plastic components, metal components, fasteners and assemblies for passenger cars, light trucks, and other industrial purposes. The products and services of the Automotive OEM segment are sold under various owned or licensed trademarks, including Deltar and Shakeproof.


-The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Automotive parts: ITW Global Automotive

ITW CIP (California Industrial Products)
-Nut plates
-Push/Box/Expansion nuts
-Specialty products

ITW Deltar Body and Interior Businesses
-Door Handles
-Door Trims
-Fuel doors
-Fuel housings
-Seat Components
-Seat heaters and sensors

ITW Deltar Fasteners
-Hole Plugs
-Plastic rivets

-Pinetree/christmas tree clips
-Panel fasteners
-Trim clips
-Weatherstrip clips
-Plastic grommets
-Rod End Clips
-Routing Clips

ITW Shakeproof
-Tapping Screws
-Bolts & Studs

ITW Motion
-Rotary Dampers
-Linear Dampers
-Air Dampers
-Hinge Dampers


Jun. 1915 Established.
Jun. 1961 Incorporated in Delaware.
Aug. 1976 Acquired Devcon Corp. and Chemical Development Corp. for 518,500 Co. common shares on a pooling of interest basis.
Jun. 1980 Acquired Chicago Switch, Inc., a manufacturer of electrical switches.
1982 Acquired UID and RCL switch lines for cash and Heartland Components and the Duco household cement line.
1983 Acquired Thielex Plastics Corp. for 125,400 shares and Philadelphia Resins for cash.
Mar. 1984 Acquired the stock of N.A. Woodworth Company for cash.
1985 Acquired Rust-Lick, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty metal cutting fluids.
Dec. 1985 Acquired for cash, Magnaflux Corporation, a manufacturer of equipment and systems for non-destructive testing.
Jan. 1986 Acquired for cash Olin Corp.'s anchoring and fastening systems businesses located in the U.S., Europe and Japan.
May 1986 Acquired the stock of Norwood Marking & Equipment Co., Inc. for stock.
Sep. 1986 Acquired Signode Industries, Inc.
Feb. 1988 Acquired Phillips Drill Company, Inc. for cash.
Mar. 1989 Sold its Cortron Division of Elmhurst, Illinois, to Amkey, Inc. of Methuen, Mass.
Apr. 1989 Purchased all the outstanding common shares of Ransburg Corp. (sold in Mar. 1991).
Mar. 1990 Acquired Arkon Standard Division.
Apr. 1990 Acquired substantially all the assets of The DeVilbiss Industrial Commercial business of Eagle Industries, Inc. (sold in Mar. 1991).
Aug. 1990 ITW Acquisition Inc., a subsidiary of the Company, completed the acquisition of Buell Industries, Inc.
1993 Acquired Miller Group Ltd. Terms were not disclosed.
May 1995 Acquired Jemco Engineering Company, Fibre Glass-Evercoat Company, Inc. and Foamseal, Inc.
Jun. 1995 Acquired United Silicone Inc. Terms were not disclosed.
Feb. 1996 Acquired Hobart Brothers Company of Troy, Ohio. Hobart, as a manufacturer and marketer of welding consumables (filler metals), welding equipment, advanced welding systems/lasers and aircraft ground power systems, will complement the Company's Miller Electric Company.
May 1996 Acquired Medallist Industries Inc.
1996 Acquired all of the outstanding common stock of Azon Limited.
Oct. 1998 Binks Sames Corporation sold certain domestic assets and standard products lines to the Company.
Feb. 1999 Acquired Trident International Inc. for USD 16.50 per share.
Apr. 1999 Industrial Rubber Products Inc. acquired the Irathane Systems Division of the Company Industrial Rubber Products agreed.
Aug. 1999 Acquired the Duo-Fast Corporation. Terms were not disclosed.
Nov. 1999 A wholly owned subsidiary of the Company merged with Premark International, Inc. ("Premark"), a commercial manufacturer of food equipment and decorative products.
Apr. 2000 Acquired Imaging Technologies LLC.
Jul. 2000 Acquired AXA Power A/s of Odense Denmark. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Dec. 2000 ITW Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company, acquired Capseals business from Sunoco.
Nov. 2006 Acquired Ark-Les Corporation, a leading developer of highly engineered electronic and electromechanical controls.
Mar. 2007 Purchase of Quasar International, Inc.
2011 Acquired SOPUS, a portfolio of automotive maintenance brands such as Rain-X, Gumout and Black Magic and renamed it ITW Global Brands.
Apr. 2012 Completed sale of the finishing group of businesses to Graco Inc. for USD 650 million.
Oct. 2012 Completed agreement to divest 51% stake in Decorative Surfaces segment to Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, LLC for USD 1.05 billion.
Jul. 2016 Completed acquisition of ZF TRW's Engineered Fasteners and Components business for approximately USD 450 million.

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