Ichitan Co., Ltd.

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74 Shindo-cho, Oota City, Gunma Pref.,373-0037, Japan

Business Overview

-A wholly owned subsidiary of Subaru. Manufactures forged products for engines, transmissions, and propeller shafts. 


Name or Company Name

Investment Ratio (%)

SUBARU Corporation 100.0


Engine parts
-Crank shafts
-Cam shaft intake
-Comon rail
-Connecting rods

Transmission parts
-Primary Sheave
-Secondary Sheave
-Primary Shaft
-Secondary Shaft
-Primary Cylinder
-First Driven Gear
-Input Shaft
-Output Shaft
-Sun Gear
-Output Shaft
-Planetary Carrier
-Transger Input Shaft
-Parking Gear
-Reduction Driven Gear
-Drive Piniton Shaft
-Differantial Bevel Gear
-Drive Hypoid Gear
-Companion Frange Shaft
-Outer Race

Propeller shaft parts
-Stub Shaft
-Sleeve Shaft
-Companion frange
-Frange Yoke
-Ball Yoke
-Stub Yoke


Feb. 1951 Established Daiichi Tanzo Co., Ltd. Osaki Plant as a new company in the forging industry in Higashi-Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo and started forging components for vehicles.
July, 1962 Established Ohta Plant in Ohta, Gunma and started forging components for vehicles.
Dec. 1965 Became a subsidiary company of Fuji Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1966 Closed the Osaki Plant and unified the plant with the headquarters functions at the Ohta Plant.
Apr. 1967 Moved headquarters to Ohta, Gunma.
June, 1988 Started manufacturing machining components, a new field for the Company, and became an integrated manufacturer of materials.
Nov. 1990 Started cold forging to develop high value-added products.
Apr. 1991 Established Kyushu Daiichi Tanzo Co., Ltd. (currently Kyushu Ichitan Co., Ltd, a consolidated subsidiary) in Innai-machi, Usa-gun, Oita in order to expand sales channels in West Japan.
Sep. 1995 Listed on the over-the-counter market of the Japan Stockbrokers' Association.
Nov. 1995 Established Daiichi Forging Dalian Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in People's Republic of China.
Oct. 1999 Changed name to Ichitan Co., Ltd. Aiming to expand its business other than in the forging industry.
Dec. 2004 Listed its shares on the Jasdaq Securities Exchange.
Mar. 2010 Signed an agreement with Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI) to carry out a stock swap, through which the Company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of FHI.
Feb. 2011 Reduced capital to JPY 480 million.

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