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Hohenhagener Strasse 26-28, 42855 Remscheid, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is a subsidiary of Gestamp Automocion, representing Gestamp’s Mechanisms product group. The Company manufactures automotive mechanisms including hinges, door checks, powered systems for liftgates and doors, pedal systems, parking brakes and hand brakes.

-The Company is organized into two business units: Body Components and Mechatronics.

-The Company is the global market leader in the production of door hinges and door checks. It has over a 50% market share within the European market. In addition, the Company produces more than 140 million door hinges and 70 million door checks per year.


-The Company is a subsidiary of Gestamp Automocionrepresenting Gestamp’s Mechanisms product group. 


Body Components
-Sheet metal hinges
-Rolled-section hinges
-Forged hinges
-Door hinges
-Notch stop hinges
-CFRP hinges
-Double spring stepless door checks
-Door checks
-Hood hinges
-Trunk hinges
-Door hinges with integrated door check systems
-Hood hinges with pedestrian protection systems
-Soft Stop hinge system
-Modular plastic door checks
-Divided liftgates
-Flap hinges with single or multiple joints
-Lid hinges with single or multiple joints
-Switch handles
-Sliding door systems
-Pedal boxes
-Parking brakes
-Foot-operated parking brakes
-Liftgate wedge assemblies
-Spare tire carriers
-Complex hood hinges for active pedestrian protection
-Edscha Double Spring premium door check

-Electrically powered liftgates
-Electrically powered trunk lids
-Spindle drives
-Module drive systems
-Side door drives
-Edscha Power Door customizable door opening system
-Cross Drive trunk lid modular drive concept
-Active frunks
-Powered sliding doors


1870 Founding of the company in Remscheid, Germany.
The Company at first supplied hinges, fittings and locks for horse-drawn carriages and later for other vehicles too.
1913 Concentrates on hinges and sells its lock production business.
1932 First major series order for the automotive industry. The Company's hinges can be found in vehicles including the Adler Trumpf, the Hanomag Kurier and the Hanomgag Strurm.
1963 Building of the new plant in Hengersberg, Lower Bavaria
1969 A patent creates the basis for sliding roof business for trucks.
1975 Internationalization: setting up of first production facilities outside Germany
1984 Building of new plant in Hauzenberg, Lower Bavaria.
1985 Received an order from BMW for the production of the convertible roof for the 3 Series. This order is the foundation of the Convertible Roof Systems division.
1994 Redefinition of corporate strategy. The Company's "best in class" philosophy calls for concentration on core competences, screw and pin production. The production of driver's cab is discontinued. Closure of unprofitable locations and greater emphasis on internationalization.
Apr. 1997 A management buyout takes place for the Company. All shares are purchased by Horst Kuschetzki.
Mar. 1999 The Company's shares are officially traded on the Frankfurt Bourse for the first time.
Jul. 2000 Purchases all the shares in the American hinge specialist Jackson Automotive Group, Inc. This acquisition, the biggest in the Company's history, makes it the market leader for door hinges and door checks in North America too.
Apr. 2001 Established Edscha Roof Systems, Inc. in North America. By taking this strategic step, it will contribute its experience in the development and supply of complete roof systems to the North American market as well.
Jul. 2002 Took over German vehicle developer, IVM Automotive.
May. 2003 The extraordinary general meeting of Edscha AG consents to the squeeze-out and the control and profit transfer agreement with Edcar.
2004 Per the decision (through a squeeze-out) at the Annual General Meeting held on May 23, 2003, the shares of the minority shareholders (on the Commercial Register of Edscha AG) were transferred to EdCar Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG in January. After four years and ten months, trading in Company shares are to cease.
Sep. 2005 Sold the smallest of five business divisions, Sliding Roofs for Trucks, to a Swedish manufacturer of trailer couplings for trucks.
Mar. 2007 Sold its Vehicle Design division (IVM Automotive) in order to concentrate on its core business in body components and convertible roof systems.
Aug. 2009 Sold its convertible Roof Systems Business unit to Webasto.
Oct. 2009 Sold its Body Components Business Unit to Gestamp Automocion.
Nov. 2012 Formed a joint venture called "Edscha-AAPICO Automotive Co., Ltd." with Malaysian supplier AAPICO Hitech.
Dec. 2012 Announced to acquire FPS Kunststofftechnik GmbH, based in Halver, Germany, and Friedhelm Piepenstock GmbH, based in Schalksmuhle, Germany.
Jul. 2013 Began operations of joint venture plant Edscha PHA Ltd., Asan, formed with Pyeong Hwa Automotive (PHA).
Sep. 2013 Opened new plant in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China, called Edscha Automotive Components Kunshan Co. Ltd.
Mar. 2016 Opened new plant in Togliatti, Russia, manufactures door hinges and other products for the Russian market.
Jun. 2016 Opened new plant in Mexico.
2017 Established a new location contains headquarters and production department in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA.
Jun. 2018 Opened new plant in Chongqing, China for manufacturing door hinges, door checks, hood hinges and rear lid hinges.
Oct. 2018 Opened new two plants in Cheonan, South Korea for manufacturing liftgate drives and assembly of hinge systems.
Jan. 2023 Created Edscha Mechatronics Solutions GmbH in Remscheid.

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