Changzhou NRB Corporation

Company Profile



No.52, Hanjiang Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu 213022, China

Business Overview

-The company is one of the main suppliers of automotive bearings in China, mainly producing needle roller bearings, roller bearings, clutch release bearings and wheel bearing units, synchronizer intermediate rings, electronic circuit boards and electronic components, etc.

-Main customers include VW, BYD, Scania, Daimler, Beijing Benz, Li Auto, NIO, XPeng, FAW, Dongfeng Motor, Sinotruk, Great Wall Motor, Geely, GAC, Changan Automobile, Magna, Aisin, BorgWarner, ZF, Eaton, and GKN Huayu Driveline Systems.

-The Company established three R&D and manufacturing sites  in China: the Guangyang site (in Changzhou, Jiangsu), the Tianhai site (in Jinghai, Tianjin), and the Shiyi site (in Weihai, Shandong).

-The Company markets its products under the NRB brand (Guangyang Plant bearing products) and the TianHong brand (Tianhai Plant products).

-In 2022, the Company's products for conventionally fueled vehicles accounted for 80% and those for commercial vehicles accounted for 35% of sales. The Company is developing its PCB and flexible substrate business for in-vehicle smart cockpits, cameras installed in self-driving vehicles, and in-vehicle power batteries, and currently provides flexible substrates to Beijing Benz, XPeng, GM, and others.


Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (As of December 31, 2022)
Shareholders Shareholding Ratio
Changzhou Guangyang Holding Group Co., Ltd. 28.22%
Shangnan CHENG 8.85%
Tianjin TANHAS Technology Co., Ltd. 5.21
Others 57.72%
Total 100%



-Hydraulic clutch release bearings
-Needle roller bearings for engine rocker arms
-Cylindrical roller bearings
-Tapered roller bearings
-Push and pull clutch release bearings
-Car wheel bearings
-Deep groove ball bearings
-Knuckle bearings
-Four-point contact ball bearings
-Intermediate synchronizerrings

Automotive components

-Limited slip differentials
-Sun gears
-Hybrid planetary gears
-Outside hubs
-Welded gear assemblies
-Ring gears
-Planetary gear sets

New Energy Vehicle field

-Wheel hub motor drive system assemblies
-System control powertrains
-New energy electronic control technology

Automotive electronics

-Electronic circuit boards
-Electronic components


Dec. 1987 Founded as Changzhou Needle Bearing Factory Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1994 Established its current structure and became a joint stock corporation.
1995 Developed bearings for passenger vehicles.
2000 Production volume exceeded CNY 100 million.
2000 Started construction of a new plant with a land area of 83,000m2 in the Changzhou Hi-Tech Park.
Jan. 2004 Completed the construction of its new plant.
Sep. 2004 Jointly established a joint venture company called the Changzhou NTN-Guangyang Corporation with NTN Corporation of Japan.
Jan. 2011

Became a shareholding company and changed its name to Changzhou Guangyang Bearing Co., Ltd.

Jan. 2014

Listed on Shenzen Stock Exchange.

Dec. 2014

Decided to acquire all of Tianjin Tanhas Technology Co., Ltd. shares for CNY 550 million.

Dec. 2016

TeT Drive Technology Co., Ltd, under the control of its subsidiary of the Tianjin TANHAS Technology Co.,Ltd, acquired 100% of the equity of the Dutch e-Traction B.V., the largest manufacturer of wheel-hub motor for NEV in Europe.

Nov. 2018

A controlling shareholder of Changzhou NRB Corporation, Changzhou Guangyang Holding Group Co., Ltd., has signed a memorandum of understanding with Oriental Fortune Capital Co., Ltd. on the share transfer plan. Under the agreement, Oriental Fortune Capital will acquire 100% shares in a subsidiary of Changzhou Guangyang Holding for CNY 150 million.

Jun. 2019

Shareholders transferred their 100% shares to the Shenzhen OFCGuangyang Equity Investment Fund Partnership, Shenzhen OFC Venture Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Oriental Fortune Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd. (OFC).

Dec. 2020

Acquired Weihai Siflex Electronic Co., Ltd. and Weihai Core Tech Electronic Co., Ltd.

Jan. 2021 The Company established Yangzhou Guangyang Siflex Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in Yangzhou.
Apr. 2021 The company has integrated and reorganized the assets of its wholly owned subsidiaries, Yangzhou Guangyang Siflex Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Weihai Siflex Electronic Co., Ltd. and Weihai Core Tech Electronic Co., Ltd. After the transaction, Weihai Core Tech Electronic Co., Ltd. will be deregistered.

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