United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd. Business Report FY ended Dec. 2018

Pass the Audit

-United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Bosch, said that its Wuhu Plant obtained SAIC GM's Quality Systems Basics (QSB). (From a press release on February 16, 2016)

Project Signing

-In August 2017, the Liuzhou Plant Phase II of the Company was signed.


-On September 21, 2018, BAIC Senova Zhixing launched the first model “U-Tian·Tianxia” installed with the Company's product at the listing conference held in Beijing. (From the Company's official website news in 2018)

Put into Production

-In March 2019, the production line of the fuel tank leakage diagnostic module (DMTL) and the oil pump bracket (XLM) was successfully approved at the Company's Xi'an plant. (From the Company's official website news in 2019)

-In December 2017, mass production of BMC8.0, the first baseboard management controller (BMC) platform for high-tension batteries, was realized smoothly.

-In September 2017, mass production of ME17U61, the new generation SGM NGC engine controller, was realized.

-In September 2017, the first batch of customer samples of INVCON3U was delivered, which is the second generation homegrown electrical & electronics controller platform.

-In July 2017, the No.3 line of high-pressure fuel rail assembly, which is the first production line of the 350bar high-pressure project, was put into production.

-In February 2017, the No.1 line of EMM, which is the first Industry 4.0 production line of Xi’an Plant, was put into mass production.


-In April 2019, the cumulative output of the Electronic Throttle Body (DVE) of the Company's Xi'an Plant exceeded 50 million pieces. (From the Company's official website news in 2019)

-In 2019, annual sales volume of new energy vehicle controllers (VCU) exceeded 200,000 pieces. (From the Company's official website news in 2019)

-In October 2018, the output of the Company's Wuxi Factory Fuel Injector (EV6) reached 300 million pieces. (From the Company's official website news in 2018)


R&D Facilities

-Technology Centers in Shanghai, Chongqing and Wuhu, holding advanced world-level laboratories for testing the performance of entire cars, engines, transmissions and electric driven products, mainly research components of engine management systems, transmission management systems, body electronics, hybrid power or electric-powered management systems. Besides, the Technology Centers also research systems, hardware and software of the above products, and provide function calibration services of powertrains.

-On April 2, 2018, the Company's Suzhou R&D Center officially opened in Suzhou Industrial Park. The R&D center is the fourth technology center after Shanghai, Chongqing and Wuhu. The main responsibility is software development of controllers and mechanical and hardware development of the power electronic controllers. (From a press release on May 7, 2018)

Collaboration with universities

-The company signed cooperation agreements with Tongji University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, aiming at the all-around cooperation on personnel training, university-industry cooperation, and resource information sharing. The company signed a cooperation agreement with Tongji University 6 years ago.


-In 2018, the Company got the following prizes.

Awarding Company Awards
Qoros 2017 Technology Excellence Award
SAIC 2017 Annual Performance Excellence Award

Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile,
Changan Kaicheng Automobile,
Harbin Dongan Steam,
Harbin Dongan Power,
SAIC passenger Car,
FAW Group

2018 Excellent Supplier Award

Geely 2018 Excellence Supplier Award
SAIC GM Wuhan Branch 2018 Quality Improvement Award
FAW 2018 New High Banner Award &
2018 Excellence Award
Chery 2018 Best Cooperation Award &
2018 Excellent Development Performance Award
SAIC GM 2018 Collaborative Innovation Special Contribution Award
Changan 2018 Collaborative Contribution Award