United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd. Business Report FY ended Dec. 2017

Pass the Audit

-United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Bosch, said that its Wuhu Plant obtained SAIC GM's Quality Systems Basics (QSB). (From a press release on February 16, 2016)

Project Sighning

-In August 2017, the Liuzhou Plant Phase II of the Company was signed.


-In December, 2016, BAIC launched the 1.3T version of Weiwang M50T. The version is equipped with the company's self-developed ignition coils. (From a press release on December 14, 2016)

Put into Production

-In December 2017, mass production of BMC8.0, the first baseboard management controller (BMC) platform for high-tension battery, was smoothly realized.

-In September 2017, mass production of ME17U61, the new generation SGM NGC engine controller, was realized.

-In September 2017, the first batch of customer sample of INVCON3U was delivered, which is the second generation of homegrown electrical & electronics controller platform.

-In July 2017, the No.3 line of high-pressure fuel rail assembly, which is the first production line of the 350bar high-pressure project, was put into production.

-In February 2017, the No.1 line of EMM, which is the first Industry 4.0 production line of Xi’an Plant, was put into mass production.


-In December, 2016, Liuzhou Plant's production of electric products exceeded 2 million units.

-In December, 2016, the output of INVCON2.3-CN, the first generation local platform of electric controllers, reached 20,000 sets.

-In November, 2016, the Shanghai Plant's ECUs exceeded an annual capacity of 10 million sets.

-In July, 2016, the Shanghai Chuansha Plant's motors exceeded a monthly output of 5,000 units.

-In January, 2016, the monthly production of BE (body electric) products, as well as the annual production of BCM2.0, exceeded 1 million units.

R&D Facilities

-Technology Centers in Shanghai, Chongqing and Wuhu, holding advanced world-level laboratories for testing the performance of entire cars, engines, transmissions and electric driven products, mainly research components of engine management systems, transmission management systems, body electronics, hybrid power or electric-powered management systems. Besides, the Technology Centers also research systems, hardwares and softwares of the above products, and provide function calibration service of powertrain.

- As of December 31, 2017, the total number of R&D personnel is 1,602, in which 1,132 for engines/gear box, 125 for body electronics, and 345 for electric drive.

R&D Collaboration

-United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd. in the Bosch Group announced that the company and Great Wall Motor have jointly established a development center on the premises of Great Wall Motor’s Haval R&D center in Baoding, Hebei Province. (From a press release on June 30, 2015)

-The company's Transmission Department will jointly develop the 6AT control systems with Harbin Dongan Automotive Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The production schedule for the 6AT has not been set. The companies has developed the 4AT and put into mass production previously. (From a press release on September 28, 2014)

Collaboration with universities

-The company signed cooperation agreements with Tongji University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, aiming at the all-around cooperation on personnel training, university-industry cooperation, and resource information sharing. The company had signed a cooperation agreement with Tongji University 6 years ago.


-In February 2018, the Company won the 2017 Annual Performance Excellence Award of SAIC.

-In September 2017, the Low Pressure Sensor of Wuhu Plant of the Company won the Bosch Global Quality Award.

-During 2016, the company received the following awards:
·SAIC MAXUS “2016 Excellent Supplier Award”
·Shanghai Volkswagen Powertrain Co., Ltd. “2016 Outstanding Contribution Gold Award”
·Shanghai Automobile Gear Works Co., Ltd. “2016 Excellent Development Award”
·SAIC GM “2016 Best Supplier Award”
·SAIC VW “2016 Excellent Development Performance” Gold Award
·SAIC Passenger Vehicle “2016 Best Supplier Award”
·Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor “2016 Excellent Supplier Award”
·GAC FCA “2016 Excellent Supplier Award”
·Haima Motor “2016 Excellent Supplier Award” and “Quality Award”
·Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle “2016 Excellent Supplier Award”
·Volvo “2016 Excellent Quality Award”
·BAIC Motor “2016 Excellent Supplier Award”
·Geely Auto “2016 Excellent Supplier Award”