Aisin AW Business Report FY2007

Business Highlights

Financial overview (in millions of JPY)
  FY2007 FY2006 Rate of change(%) Remarks
Sales 958,300 845,800 13.3 -
72,300 51,800 39.6 -
70,800 50,900 39.1 -
44,300 32,400 36.7 -
Sales by division
AT 858,200 758,800 13.1 -Sales of ATs increased year-on-year, thanks to greater demand for FWD 6-speed ATs from North America, Europe, and China. A significant rise was seen in sales to the Volkswagen Group in Europe and China. 

-Revenue from the Toyota Group accounted for 48.9 percent of total AT sales.  
Car Navigation System 100,100 87,000 15.1 -The car navigation system division also enjoyed strong sales.

-Revenue from the Toyota Group accounted for 61.8 percent of total car navigation sales.  

-AW has added Jaguar Cars Limited (Jaguar) as a new AT customer and began delivering the TF-80SC FWD 6-speed AT for use in 2.2-liter diesel models of the X-Type, which is being produced at Jaguar's Hailwood Plant in the U.K. (From a press release on Feb. 14, 2008)

Domestic business
Revamping existing production lines
-The Company developed and started production on extremely narrow production lines to manufacture automatic transmission cases. These new lines require only 25 percent of the production space and half the amount of investment needed for conventional lines. Aisin AW intends to introduce these highly efficient lines as standard in its global operations. 

Production launches
-In January 2008, the Company held  a line-off ceremony to celebrate the production launch of its HDD navigation systems for the newly released Toyota Crown. (From a press release on Jan. 23, 2008) 

-In January 2008, the Company launched production of hybrid transmission motors for rear-wheel-drive vehicles to supply Toyota. Prior to this, Toyota Motor had been manufacturing these motors in-house. A line-off ceremony was held at its Okazaki East Plant, which became the Aisin AW's first facility to make such motors. (From a press release on Jan. 28, 2008)


R&D Structure
-The Company established "Monozukuri Center" to specialize in the development of core technologies. Integrating functions of development, production engineering, and manufacturing, engineers at the new facility are working on developing innovative technologies. 

-Development activities for drivetrain systems are focused on the following areas: 
(1) automatic transmission with increased gear ratios
(2) highly efficient continuously variable transmissions (CVTs)
(3) transmissions for hybrid vehicles

-Development focus of the information system division is set on car navigation systems and cutting-edge technologies such as the vehicle surroundings monitor system. 

New Products Development

4WD Hybrid System
-In May 2008, the Company and Toyota Motor jointly developed and released the world's first four-wheel-drive (4WD) hybrid transmission technology. The transmission systems are based on the full-time 4WD systems, which maximize hybrid power and offer stable driving performance. These transmission systems are featured on the Lexus LS600窶 and S600hL. 

Car Navigation System
-The Company; Toyota Motor; Zenrin Co., Ltd.; and Toyota Mapstar Incorporated jointly developed the "Map on Demand" system, which is a differential map data updating service.
The Map on Demand system enables automatic and quick updating of car navigation data through mobile phones and other communication networks, allowing drivers to use the latest map information at all times. In conventional systems, updating of map data was available only twice a year. Information on new expressways and toll roads will be added seven days after the opening of the new routes at the latest. Users can install new map data via mobile phone and other communication networks whenever revised map data is sent.

-The Company; Toyota Motor Corporation; Zenrin Co., Ltd.; and Toyota Mapstar Incorporated jointly developed a stop signs alert system, which is designed to call drivers' attention through a display on the screen or audio guidance when the vehicle approaches intersections with stop signs. This technology is used as a practical business solution in Toyota-brand car navigation systems released in February 2008. 

Year Products
Automatic Transmissions (ATs)
1972 RWD 3-speed ATs
1977 The world's first RWD overdrive 4-speed ATs 
1983 FWD overdrive 4-speed ATs 
1997 RWD 5-speed ATs
1998 FWD 5-speed ATs
2002 The world's first FWD 6-speed ATs 
2002 RWD 6-speed ATs
2006 The world's first RWD 8-speed ATs 
Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs)
2002 The world's lightest CVTs for compact vehicles
Hybrid Transmission
2004 FWD hybrid transmissions 
2006 The world's first RWD hybrid transmissions
Navigation System
1992 The world's first voice navigation systems