Archives of Past Exhibits:The Yokohama Rubber Company

China Auto Parts And Service Show 2014


Installed vehicle: Honda “Civic", "Ciimo", "Crider”


Installed vehicle: Nissan “New Teana”


Installed vehicle: Honda “Odyssey”, Toyota “Camry”


Installed vehicle: Nissan “X-Trail”

2014 Auto China - Beijing International Automotive Exhibition


- Environmental and energy-saving


Delhi Auto Expo 2014

New tire for Indian market

Next-Generation Tire

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Product lineup

Concept tire "Shimon (Fingerprint)"

Original Electric Vehicle - Code name "AERO-Y"

-Reference exhibit

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2013


Installed vehicle: Nissan “Teana”

Geolandar SUV

ADVAN sport V103

Installed vehicle: Beijing Benz “E300L”

dB E70

Installed vehicle: Honda “Odyssey”, Toyota “Camry, Corolla, EZ”


Installed vehicle: Toyota “Prius”, Honda “Spirior, Civic, Ciimo, Accord, Elysion”

Geolander A/T-S

Geolander G91

Installed vehicle: Nissan X-Trail

Geolander H/T-S

Geolander SUV


BluEarth series


China Auto Parts And Service Show 2012

Advan dB

Made in China

Advan Neova AD08

Installed vehicle: Audi TT

Advan S.T.

Advan BluEarth-1

2012 Auto China - Beijing International Automotive Exhibition









RY237+ for Bus

YR51+ for China

Delhi Auto Expo 2012

Parada Spec-X

Geolandar H/T・S

Geolandar M/T+

Geolandar A/T・S





Tokyo Motor Show 2011


Installed vehicle: Toyota "Prius α"

Premium eco tire - BluEarth-A

Eco tire for SUV - GEOLANDAR SUV

Concept tire - Shimon

Concept tire - Honeycomb

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

The Company displayed several types of products, but primarily those being sold under its global brand name, ADVAN. Specifically it exhibited the ECO tire, the DNA series, Ice Guard Black, a stud-less tire; and Air Match, a tire pressure monitoring system.

■ Global flagship brand ADVAN
ADVAN was introduced into the market as the Company's new flagship brand. The ADVAN Sport and the ADVAN S.T., were both launched at the same time in July 2005, as the first products in this brand line. 

- ADVAN Sport
The Company developed ADVANT Sport for sports cars. In order to ensure stable maneuverability while driving at high speeds of more than 300 km/h, the Company used a tread compound that is less dependent on temperature. Changes in road-gripping performance were minimized, whether changing from low-speed wet to high-speed/high-temperature conditions. Both maneuverability and comfort were achieved, as the Company used an asymmetric tread pattern, placing a larger block on the outer tread and a smaller block on the inside one.  

The Continental GT and the Continental Flying Spur have been featured as standard equipment on Bently's fastest 4-seater coupe since Oct 2004. In 2005, they are now standard equipment on Porsche's new 911 Carrera. 

The ADVAN S.T. is designed for next-generation, higher efficiency SUVs. The Y-range (max. speed of 300 km/h) is the first mass-marketed SUV tire manufactured in order to meet the requirements of future vehicles that will be not only more powerful but also have lower centers of gravity. This tire, while enabling high speed driving like that possible with sport cars, supports the weight of SUVs.  Also, the Company was keen on ensuring a quiet ride while ensuring smooth maneuverability, which was achieved with a pitch alignment of a w-shaped direction tread pattern and 5-pitch variation. By utilizing a specialized compound, which is less temperature dependent, the tire can hold the road by minimizing changes in grip, whether going from cold to hot temperatures. 

■ ECO Tire DNA Series 
When developing these tires, the Company focused not only on driving performance but also on environmental factors too. Reducing rolling resistance reduces the volume of carbon dioxide generated. The Company won the Good Design Award for its ecological design .

■ Stud-less Tire: Ice Guard Black 
In addition to the performance of conventional tires in terms of their road-surface water-absorbing qualities, the Company used a new material called black water-absorbing rubber. This tire can drive on all kinds of road temperatures in snowy road conditions. 

■ Tire pressure monitoring system for passenger car tires 
A film antenna and built-in receiver display are located in the vehicle cabin while four sensors (transmitters) are located one each on the separate tires. In Japan, tire pressure monitoring systems can use only low-frequency radio waves due to Japanese regulations. In order cope with this legal requirement, conventional monitoring systems required that four antennas be installed in each of the wheel housings and that they be connected by wire to the receiver. This meant that four receivers were required, one in each tire. Now however, with the development of the world's first-ever film antenna and a single-package highly sensitive receiver and display unit, the first ever in the world, installation has been made extremely easy. The transmitters can be attached to the wheels simply with adhesives, also a world-first.