Archives of Past Exhibits: ZF Active Safety And Electronics US LLC (旧 TRW Automotive)

2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Active buckle lifter

EBC460 premium electronic stability control system

Low-drag colette type calipers

Electrically powered steering system (belt-drive)

-Potential to be combined with ESC systems and ECUs for improved stability and agility

Aluminum actuation unit

Active restraint seat

Electrically powered steering system (column-drive)

Multi-functional steering wheel

Electric parking brake

Safety domain ECU

S-Cam 4 safety camera

EBC460 hybrid electronic stability control system

Tri-cam three lens camera

Electrically powered steering system (belt-drive)

-Future potential to be combined with cameras (Tri-cam), radars (AC1000), safety ECUs, active kinematics control systems, and electric axle drive systems for automated driving applications.

Rear seat frontal airbag

External side airbag

EBC460 high dynamics electronic stability control system

Advanced Urban Vehicle concept model

-Features include front-axle concept and electric-motors close to the wheel for improved maneuverability, semi-automated driving functions, and multifunction steering wheel.

AC1000 evo medium-range radar

Display model of safety component lineup

Active control retractor

Modern steering wheel concept

EBC460 standard electronic stability control system

Integrated brake control

2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Next generation camera system S-Cam4 family (S-Cam 4.6)

-The product is a single lens, mono-camera unit. -It features Mobileye's fourth generation Eye Q4 image processor and object recognition algorithm. -It is scheduled to launch in 2018.

Next generation camera system S-Cam4 family (「TriCam4」)

-The product uses three lenses; a fisheye lens, one lens for mid-range and one lens for long range information and can fuse data with radar at distances up to 250m. -It features Mobileye's fourth generation Eye Q4 image processor and object recognition algorithm. -It is scheduled to launch in 2018.

Long range ultrasonic sensor

Millimeter-wave radar

Forward looking camera

Safety domain ECU (SDE, Gen 2)

-It is scheduled to launch in 2018. -The first generation of the product is mounted on a BMW model.

Fourth generation radar AC1000

-The product is the fourth generation 79GHz short range radar. -The product is easy to integrate into bumpers for concealed mounting. -Tuneable range (up to 70 meters) and speed resolution. - The high-end model AC1000 is a scalable 77GHz platform that provides a full 360-degree sensing capability.

Fourth generation radar AC1000evo

Active Control Retractor (ACR2)

-First active seat belt on the market. In case of a recognized critical situation, the ACR2 pretensions the seat belt thus bringing the occupant in a better positioning prior to the crash.

Active Buckle Lifter (ABL)

-The seat belt buckle is lifted upwards into an easy accessible position. After buckling, the buckle automatically moves back into its original position.

Premium ESC-EBC 460

Electric park brake (EPB) caliper

Electrically powered steering column drive (Gen 3)

Installed vehicles in Europe: VW "Polo", VW "up!", VW "e-up!", Audi "S1", Skoda "Rapid", Skoda "Spaceback", Skoda "Fabia", Skoda "Citigo", Fiat "500L" Installed vehicle in China: GAC Fiat "Viaggio"

Electrically powered steering belt drive (Gen 3)

-The Company plans to start supplying the product for a next generation mid-sized SUV being launched by Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor in 2015.

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2015

Product lineup of TRW

Delhi Auto Expo 2014

Power steering gear

-Product of JV with Rane Group , Rane TRW Steering Systems Limited (Steering Gear Division).

Power steering gear

Occupant safety components

-Product of JV with Rane Group , Rane TRW Steering Systems Limited (Occupant Safety Division).

Inflator and seatbelt buckle

2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Product lineup of TRW

Road safety technology demonstration

China International Auto Products Expo 2010

TRW Fawer Automobile Safety Systems (Changchun) Co., Ltd. Steering wheel (with airbag)

Installed vehicle : FAW-VW "Magotan"

TRW Fawer Commercial Vehicle Steering (Changchun) Co., Ltd. Steering gear assembly

Installed vehicles : Beifang Benz "All models" FAW Jiefang "J5", "J6"