Modine Business Report FY2007

Business Highlights

Financial overview
in million dollars FY2007 FY2006 Factors
Sales 1,849.4 1,722.3 Sales volumes were positively affected by strong foreign volumes in Europe and Brazil, as well as steady growth in the Company's Commercial Products business. 
Operating Income (21.1) 45.2  The decrease in earnings from continuing operations was driven by a decline in gross margins related to weak North American truck volumes, manufacturing inefficiencies experienced as part of plant closures and consolidations and pricing pressure from customers.  In addition, impairment charges of $47.4 million were recorded primarily in North America and South Korea due to reduced outlook for these businesses. 
Sales by Segment (Selected)
OE- Asia 268.4 219.9 Based on continued strength in condenser and bus air conditioning products. 
OE-Europe 751.0 588.7 Based on strength in powertrain cooling products, engine related products and condenser sales volumes.  Exchange rate change of $21 million had a favorable impact on net sales in fiscal 2007.
OE- North America 521.1 667.9 The sales decline is largely due to the downturn in the North American truck market following the January 1, 2007 emission regulations.  In addition, sales in the automotive market are down due to higher gas prices and a consumer shift from light trucks and full SUVs to cars and small SUVs.
OE- South America 133.0 77.2 Based on continued strength in the Brazilian agricultural and commercial vehicle markets, along with strength in the overall Brazilian economy.  In addition, foreign currency exchange rate changes favorably impacted sales by $17 million.

-In September 2007, the Company announced that it has been awarded programs by Mitsubishi FUSO Truck and Bus Corporation valued at approximately $15 million over five years. Leveraging its strong presence in Asia, Modine will supply heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) modules to Mitsubishi FUSO's Kawasaki, Japan, plant. The passenger thermal management systems will be assembled at Modine's Shanghai, China, facility using the latest technology heat exchangers from the company's Asan City, South Korea, design center. Mitsubishi FUSO Truck awarded Modine business for the HVAC system for the Canter light duty truck program, beginning in 2009 and extending to 2014. It is the company's first thermal management business award from a Japanese truck customer. (From a press release on Sep. 19, 2007)

-In February 2008, the Company announced that it has been awarded a series of programs to supply exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooling solutions to meet U.S. EPA 2010 on-highway vehicle and Tier 4 off-highway equipment emissions standards. The new programs, which consist of medium and heavy-duty engine applications for a variety of customers, total approximately $125 million in annualized revenues. Production is expected to begin in the Company's Joplin, Missouri, manufacturing facility in mid 2009 and extend through 2015. A majority of the new programs represents incremental business that supports its goal of generating 4 to 6 percent annual revenue growth. (From a press release on Feb. 14, 2008)

-In February 2008, the Company announced it has won programs from Great Wall Motor in Baoding, Hebei Province, China valued at approximately $14 million to supply exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers for 2.0L diesel engines. These programs will begin in 2009 and extend over the next five years. The EGR coolers will be manufactured beginning in 2009 at Modine's Changzhou manufacturing plant, located in Changzhou, JiangSu Province, China. The facility leverages Modine's engineering and testing capabilities located in Asan City, South Korea. This incremental business supports Modine's strategic goal of generating 4 to 6 percent annual organic revenue growth. (From a press release on Feb. 28, 2008)

The Company is implementing a number of cost and operational efficiency measures that will be designed to improve the Company窶冱 longer term competitiveness. The following actions have been identified:
-Manufacturing realignment 窶 The Company announced the closure of the Camdenton, Missouri; Pemberville, Ohio; and Logansport, Indiana facility within the Original Equipment 窶 North America segment and the Tubingen, Germany manufacturing plant within the Original Equipment 窶 Europe segment. These closures are in addition to the previously announced four plant closures in North America, of which the Jackson, Mississippi and Clinton, Tennessee facility closures are still in process.
Portfolio rationalization 窶 the Company completed the sale of its Electronics Cooling business on May 1, 2008.


R&D Expenditure
in million dollars March 2008 March 2007 March 2006
R&D expenditure 93.2 82.3 79.4

R&D Structure
-A newly formed vehicular HVAC group has grown out of the R&D area.  Knowledge developed from R&D activities will be used to develop improved HVAC product platforms, including products to comply with potential anti-idling legislation for heavy duty vehicles.  Energy efficiency legislation is also driving opportunities for high performance, lightweight heat exchangers in commercial markets.  The Company continues to refine the product development process for all of its markets, including the use of virtual simulation to increase efficiency and reduce time to market with new designs.
It has been granted 2,355 worldwide patents over its life.

Investment Activities

Capital Expenditures
in thousand dollars March 2008 March 2007 March 2006
Original Equipment-Asia 19,328 8,681 5,504
Original Equipment-Europe 32,768 22,096 28,063
Original Equipment-North America 23,073 25,486 19,945
South Americas 7,742 3,339 -
Commercial Products 1,595 6,824 3,946
Fuel Cell 589 546 -
Corporate and administrative 1,408 15,114 18,341
Eliminations - (58) -
Capital expenditures-continuing operations 86,503 82,028 79,799
Capital expenditures-discontinued operations 510 724 4,071
Total capital expenditures


82,752 79,870

Overseas Investment
-The Company is constructing new manufacturing facilities in China and India, and establishing a corporate office in China.  The new manufacturing facility in Changzhou, China began production in the third quarter of fiscal 2008, and the Chennai, India facility is scheduled to being production in the second quarter of fiscal 2009.
Construction is currently underway for the Company's new Gyongyos, Hungary facility within this region, with production scheduled to begin in fiscal 2009.