Topre Corporation Business Report FY2008

Business Highlights

Financial overview (in millions of JPY)
- FY2008 FY2007 Rate of Change (%) Factors
Sales 81,286 93,948 (13.5) -
Operating income 5,601 8,740 (35.9) -
Ordinary income 6,259 8,342 (25.0) -
Current net income 2,829 4,023 (29.7) -
Stamped products
Sales 45,932 56,183 (18.2) - Sales remained strong in the first half as sales of exported vehicle models increased steadily. However, due to an overall decrease in production by automobile manufacturers brought about the global economic slump, sales in the third quarter onward decreased sharply, both in Japan and overseas. Especially, the poor performance of North American plants, which was due to the serious economic slump in the USA, affected the sales.
Operating income - 7,358 - -

Recent Developments in Japan
<New plant>
The Company has announced acquisition of a site in Tokigawa-machi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan to build a new plant for automobile stamped parts. Its investment in the new plant at the site of 40,502 sq.m. will total four billion yen. Operation is scheduled to start in Aug. 2009 with an initial sales target of approx. three billion yen per year. Over 40 years have passed since its major production base, Sagamihara Plant, started operation and renewal of its equipments and buildings has become necessary. The Company, however, has decided to build a new plant as the plant renewal with its lines in operation should be difficult. (From an article in the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun on Apr. 19, 2008)



R&D Structure
R&D Headquarters: The Company is developing  and commercializing new products which make use of its core technologies.
The Divisions: All of the divisions are developing new products and technologies, with the idea of creating new features.

R&D Expenditure
R&D expenses amounted to 1,038 million yen in FY2008.

Stamped Products
-Automakers have huge needs for lighter products that can comply with new emission standards, which are to take effect both in and outside Japan in 2010 and after. To meet such needs, the Company is developing technology, including a new die quenching method. The Company has also completed installation of a mass-production line and is conducting a final operation check.

-The Company applied an established shape forming technology to start-up work for new vehicle models. This could bring success in starting mass-production in a shorter period of time than was previously possible.

Technical Alliances Outside Japan (as of March, 2009)
Company Country Products Associates Contract Period
Sunrise Machinery Co., Ltd. China Automotive stamped products and dies License providing technological  information and know how From August 31, 2007 until August 30, 2012
(After that, the contract will be automatically extended every year.)

Investment Activities

Capital Expenditure
Overall capital investment in FY 2008 was 6,854 million JPY, which was mainly spent on the stamped-products business.

The Company invested 6,242 million JPY in facilities at its stamped-parts business.
- 3,773 million JPY was invested in molds for automotive stamped parts.
- 2,468 million JPY was invested in consolidated subsidiaries, Topre Kyusyu and Topre America Corporation, mainly for manufacturing facilities to produce stamped components for automotive use.

New facility (Stamped-products business)
Name Type of facility Planned total investment
(in million JPY)
Start End Increased capacity upon completion
Sagamihara Office Facility for molds used in making stamped, automotive parts 3,295 March, 2009 March, 2010 About the same
Hiroshima Office
Topre America Corporation Headquarters Plant
(Alabama, USA)
Expanded facility for automotive stamped parts 4,000 March, 2008 Dec., 2009 50%