Pacific Industrial - Business Report FY2007

Business Highlights

Highlights FY2007 (ended Mar. 2008)

Financial Overview
(in million
FY2007 FY2006 Rate of Change
Sales 89,862 82,641 8.7 The Company marked record-high sales thanks to strong sales of stamping, plastic and valve products.
3,640 3,902 (6.7) Operating, ordinary and current net income decreased due to increased depreciation costs as a result of large-scale investment and tax revision, as well as foreign currency translation loss caused by a sharp hike in the yen.
3,976 4,475 (11.1)
Current net income 2,335 3,144 (25.7)
Stamping/resin product business
Sales 63,024 60,308 4.5 In Japan, sales increased as a result of increased production volume and change in model mix at major customers. Outside Japan, despite the adverse effect caused by a decrease in the number of consolidated subsidiaries, sales increased due to expansion of operations and production launch at a subsidiary in Tianjin, China. 
Operating income 1,254 1,918 (34.6) Operation income decreased due to increased depreciation costs, etc. as a result of large-scale investment and tax revision, which offset the increased profit at subsidiaries.
Valve product business
Sales 26,085 21,629 20.6 While sales of tire valves, valve cores, and valve related products remained unchanged from the previous year, sales of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)  products  significantly increased as products were installed in a greater range of models. This contributed to a sales increase in the valve product business.
Operating income 2,314 1,906 21.4 -

-Enhancing production capacity

The Company will increase production capacity of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) by 60% compared to the current level to 16 million units per year. It will invest approx. 900 million yen in the Kita-Ogaki Plant, its TPMS manufacturing plant at Godo-cho, Gifu Prefecture, to add two production lines.

The Company will establish a 3rd plant at its Higashi Ogaki Plant with a capital investment of  about 2.3 billion yen. Construction of the new plant will be completed in April 2008.

The Company's stamping parts production company, Tianjin Pacific Auto Parts Co., Ltd.., started production in may 2007. In addition, the Company  revealed its plan to double production capacity in 2009. 

>>> See Investment for further details

-Increasing investment in a Korean subsidiary (subsidiary of subsidiary)

In July 2007, the Company announced that it would underwrite allocation of new shares to a third party for its subsidiary 's subsidiary in Korea, Pacific Air Controls Co., Ltd. The Company aimed to strengthen the capital base as well as to expand business with capital investment. Pacific Air Controls is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company's consolidated subsidiary, Pacific Valve Co., Ltd., and produces and sells air conditioning parts. The capital increase amounted to 3,000 million won and was planned for completion in September 2007. The Company would hold 60% and Pacific Valve 40% of total shares in Pacific Air Control after the capital increase. (Press release, Jul. 31, 2007)

-Restructuring business in U.S.A.

In April 2007, Pacific Manufacturing Ohio, Inc. merged Pacific Industries Air Controls, Inc. The Company implemented a unified management structure for its North American business to increase business efficiency.

In August 2007, the Company sold part of its shares in Takumi Stamping Texas Inc. Takumi Stamping was excluded from the Company's equity method affiliates.


R&D Structure

The Company promoted R&D of new products as well as reduction of e initial costs through innovation of processing methods mainly at Development Headquarters and facility related development departments.. It also works on developing new technologies through collaborative development with customers, material manufacturers, universities, and research institutions if necessary.

R&D Expense

(in million JPY)

FY2007 FY2006 FY2005
Overall 926 1,012 899
Stamping/resin products business 163 179


Valve products business 518 651 607
Common 234 170 151

R&D activities (FY2007)

Major activities
Stamping/resin products business

Technology Headquarters/Technology Department:

-The Company worked to develop products  employing decorating technology without coating processes to reduce the effects on the environment. It also put much effort into developing new low-cost plastic materials. 

Operation Department No.1/Production Engineering Department:

-In order to respond to increased orders for oil pans from major customers as well as production transfer, the Company worked to install a production line for oil pans and start mass production of products using new stamping method.

Valve products business Technology Headquarters/Technology Department:

-The Company worked to develop tire valve related products which used less environmental unfriendly materials and had less weight.  

-The Company focused on developing new control equipment related products and improving performance of such products, aiming at revision of the Rationalization in Energy Use Law.

Technology Headquarters/TPMS Technology Department:

-The Company launched development to expand specifications of transmitters of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) products. It also promoted development of next generation transmitters in consideration of future market expansion and reduction in use of environmentally unfriendly materials.

Operation Department No.2/Production Engineering Department:

-The Company worked to develop production methods to improve net shape rate (reduce the amount of materials used). It also put much effort into developing production methods and preparing production in order to increase the number of items of high-precision stamping products. 
Common Technology Headquarters/Development Department:

-The Company worked on conducting research of fundamental technology through industry-academia collaboration. It also conducted research on sensor energy sources, uncovering sealing mechanisms and application to products. 

-The Company worked to develop; elemental technology for next generation TPMS, environmental friendly control valves, deepened plastic forming technology, new plastic area;, and new technology in junction areas.

Investment Activities