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Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2015

Surround view camera system

Sideview camera system

-Monitoring the vehicle's blind spots.

Head-up display

Rear seat entertainment

Lithium-ion batteries

Installed vehicle: Tesla "Model S"

Air purifier

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition in NAGOYA

Plastic materials for automotive electronics devices

Electronic materials for automotive


Grip sensors

-Estimated availability in 2018. Can operate as a standalone system or with the Company's steering wheel heater.

Steering wheel heater

Surround view camera with sensing features

-Uses various camera systems to provide a bird's eye view of the vehicle's surroundings. Sonar system assists driver by warning of nearby objects.

Pelican Imaging Array Camera

-Camera system which provides depth perception for improved object and distance detection. Uses a series of cameras embedded into the unit to capture multiple images.

Intelligent mirror

-Combines camera system and rear-view mirror to provide improved vision of objects behind the car in various conditions.

Side view camera

-Camera which provides vision of a vehicle's blind spots.

V2X communication devices for ITS

79 Ghz radar

-Radar which is able to distinguish between pedestrians and vehicles even in poor visibility conditions.

DSRC on-board unit with GPS

-Provides logistic solutions for fleets by tracking vehicles and providing information for drivers and managers.

Automated and Connected Vehicle Technologies


Home electronics into EV

Head Up Display (HUD)

eCockpit concept

Car Navigation System with Front Information Display (FID) unit

Logistics support service using GPS-DSRC On-Board Unit

Portable Car Navigation System with Drive-Camera

Car Navigation System with DSRC (ITS Spot Service) Unit

Back and Corner Sensor

Automotive multi-function camera with wide angle FOV

Sensor fusion multi-camera ECU

Compact Noise Suppression Array Microphone System

Automotive World 2012

Film Capacitor for HEV/EV Vehicle

Installed Vehicles:(photo from left to right) Nissan "Leaf" Toyota "Prius" Honda "Insight"

EV Relay

High reliability PWB for thermal solution

Current Sensor for Car

Battery Back-up Power Supply Unit

2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

EV Relay Technology

Product lineups of Panasonic for Automotive Components

JSAE 2008

Banboo-Fiber Diaphragm Sub-Lead Acid Battery for Hybrid Vehicles
Image   Image  
Power GC Assist Unit Power Back Up Unit with Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs)
Image Image
Prismatic Ni-MH Battery Module (NP2.5) Prismatic Ni-MH Battery Module
Image1 Image1
Image2 Image2  
Multi-Camera-System Small Multi Recorder for Automotive
Image Image

○Panasonic Electric Works
Small DC Vane Pump EV Relay
The Nanoe Device that Generates an Electrostatically Charged and Nanometer-size Microparticle Mist Parking Assist System that Detects Position of Obstacle by Dual Sonar
Image Image

JSAE 2007

High Resolution Absolute Steering Angles Sensor DSRC multi-service system
Image   Image  
Automotive Color Camera DSRC multi-service system
Image   Image1
Top View and Sensing System Integrated Inverter Type of Electrically Driven Compressor
Image   Image  
Film Capacitor for HEV Sub-Lead Acid Battery for Hybrid Vehicle
Image   Image  
Banboo-fiber diaphragm speaker Separate Compact Antenna Type ETC unit

Image   Image1
Battery Module for HEV Prismatic Ni-MH Battery Module for HEV (NP2.0)
Vehicles Installed: Lexus GS
Prismatic Ni-MH Battery Module for HEV (NP2.5) Power Back Up Unit with Electric Double Layer Capacitors [EDLCs]
Image   Image  

○Panasonic Electric Works
Optical Transceiver for MOST

JSAE 2006

--Matsushita Electric Industrial--
Obstacle Detection (Distance measurement) By 2-eye Stereo Camera <Reference exhibit>
-Two stereo cameras detect obstacles and measure the distance to the vehicle.
-The location of obstacles can be detected in three dimensions based on where the stereo cameras' two images converge.
-Obstacles and their distances from the vehicle are shown on the display. The system can be used to assist parking and improve driving safety. 
Automotive Color Rear View Camera (image)
-This camera is the smallest in size in the industry, at (23(W)×21(H)×20(D)mm). It displays a wide viewing area and is highly sensitive. 
  -Wide view range:134 degrees horizontally and 103 degrees vertically
-Sensitivity:1.5 lux
MEMS Angular Rate Sensors (Image)
-In addition to use on car navigation systems, these angular speed sensors have been  developed  to protect vehicles from rollover and loss of control,  made possible with the addition of a self-diagnosis function. 
-There are three angles of detection: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal (20 degrees)
-A silicon NEMS diapason is installed with the use of  thin,  piezoelectric PZT film
Power GC Back up Unit (Image)
-The world's first dual-layer electric condenser has been developed as a backup power source for automobiles.
-This back-up unit is a unitized system of dual-layer electric condensers, charging/discharging circuits, and EMC circuits.
-In case of power failure, this unit supplies electricity and activates the braking system electronically.
Power Solution Board (Image)
-This board embraces a unique technology, one in which a copper plate pattern gets embedded in heat conductive plastic material. The effect of this is to keep parts mounted on the board from heating up.
-The Company's proprietary heat conductive plastic has both heat conducting and insulating properties and expands nearly at the same rate as copper.

--Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.--

MID (Molded Interconnect Device):
- A 3D circuit is formed on the injection-molded cubic plate 
<Technological applications>
Optical Transceiver for MOST <Reference exhibit>
-Reflectors, lenses, light emitting/receiving elements, and signal processing circuits are  placed around the cubic plate in order to reduce size.
-This transceiver can absorb minor deviations in both plug and header dimensions to ensure that the optical attribute remains stable.

MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems):
<Technological applications>
1-axis Acceleration Sensor GS1
-Used in car navigation systems. Used to control vehicles, being installed in anti-skid and rollover prevention systems.
-Degree of detection: 1V/g
-Offset voltage: 2.5V(typ.)
-Size: 6.2 x 8.5 x height of 1.6 mm (typ.)
Solenoid <Reference exhibit> (Image)
-This product currently under development is 1/3 smaller (in terms of overall dimensions) than conventional products. It is 18 mm x 21.5 mm x 22 mm.
-It maintains the same performance levels as those of conventional products in terms of stroke, suction, and noise.

ECOM P Series - Molding materials for auto parts
With more automobiles being built to respond to environmental issues, the Company is developing a variety of environmentally friendly plastic materials that not only reduce weight (replacing heavier metal materials) but also improve performance of the respective auto parts.

PP plastic molding materials (a new development)
-These materials have superior qualities in term of light diffusion and reflection, and work toward improving the quality of meter panels and interior panels.
-Light diffusion panel (MBG100H06):This panel offers better resistance to all-weather climates and tarnishing. In addition, it is heat resistant up to 110 degrees C.
-Light reflection panel: In producing this panel, the Company eliminated the plating and vapor deposition processes. It has a reflection ratio of 94%.