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Frankfurt Motor Show 2005

-Sanden displayed products such as a compressor for hybrid vehicles and its "4-zone HVAC system" to be installed on the Mercedes S Class.
-The Company made a joint exhibit together with Sand Behr Air-Conditioning Systems, its joint-venture with Behr of Germany.

<HVAC Unit>
HVAC for Citroen C4 <<<Features
-New technology on processing methods such as continuous welding and ultrasonic riveting reduced costs and improved quality.
-Flat tube evaporator

HVAC for Mercedes New S-Class
Front HVAC Module
-Not only temperature, but also air flow volume can be independently controlled for each of four zones.
-While air flow volume was increased by 13% compared with previous models, the noise level was reduced by 4dB(A).
-Intake of fresh air and recirculation can be switched automatically by use of an air quality sensor.

Rear HVAC Module
-Independent temperature control on the left and right side is possible by adjusting water temperature.

Foot Duct
-Foot duct  that enables switching of airflow from the B pillar.

< Compressor>
Hybrid Compressor >>>Features
-The hybrid compressor maintains temperatures in the cabin at comfortable levels by integrating  a conventional belt-driven compressor and a motor driven compressor. Two power sources also enable the air-conditioner to operate even when the engine is not running.
-When the vehicle is running on the road, this compressor is designed to operate under the most fuel-efficient conditions either by activating both the belt-driven and motor-driven compressors or only one independently.

External Control Compressor >>>Features
-The external control compressor can contribute to fine tuning the cabin temperature by optimally controlling the compressor work load based on exterior signals responding to cabin temperature and amount of sunlight.

Scroll Compressor >>>Features

<Heat exchangers>
Evaporator(PAF38) >>>Features
-30% lighter than the Company's conventional evaporator.

PTC Heater >>>Features