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Paris Motor Show 2004

-At the Paris Auto Show 2004, the Company presented Planet Zero, the new range of Ultra-High Performance (UHP) tires, further expanded in July with a cover that is not just for the winter but is bi-seasonal, the Winter Scottozero. At this point, the range can be defined as a complete P Zero Collection, further developed in terms of safety, due to the latest generation of tire pressure and temperature control systems called X-Pressure. The performance P6, P7 plus the Eufori@ run-flat (100% proprietary technology) and the Pax System (in which the Company is one of Michelin's partners in development) are also on the Company product range. Tires for 4x4 vehicles and the ever better performing SUVs, including the recent Scorpion STR and Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico, were presented at the show. 

-The 'P Lunga' appears ever more frequently on the vehicles shown by the world's leading manufacturers.  Among the cars fitted with the Company's products at the 2004 Show are the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, the brand new F430 and the 575 Handling GTC, all with 19 inch tires.

-In Paris, the P Zero brand is strong in the number of important homologations it has obtained from all the top European car manufacturers, who continue to appreciate the performance of the Company's range of tires to support most of their models. As well as this fact, the Company's technology has recently achieved further significant recognition: above all, the recent homologation of the run-flat Eufori@ for both the basic models in 16-inch diameter and the sports version in 17-inch to be featured on the new BMW Series 1 and 3. A result that expands the already noted duo of Eufori@ and BMW, which has been well tried and tested with success on the new Mini.

A new generation of the X-Pressure system

-A presentation of a new generation of the X-Pressure system was exhibited in Paris. This systems is entirely the Company's proprietary technology. This new X-Pressure method, developed from know-how that comes from collaboration set up with other companies in the Pirelli Group, is programmed to go on sale from early 2005.

-The fundamental new feature of the latest generation X-Pressure is covered by the Company's two patents: sensors that are no longer fitted to the rims but are glued directly to the internal surface of the tire. This facilitates the application of the unit and makes it much faster to attach, almost completely ruling out the risk of sensor damage during mounting and demounting of the tires. In addition, this new architecture means further information can be obtained from the surface to which the sensors are directly adhered. For example, information concerning the evolution of the temperature in the area in proximity with the tread. It is easy to understand at what point the latter X-Pressure function - the measurement of the tread temperature - can be useful, especially during the design and development of new products.

-Another important characteristic of the Company's X-Pressure system is that it can still operate when the vehicle is standing still, due to the sensors' low level of energy consumption. In the case of a tire pressure problem, an alarm is given and tells the driver there is a problem when he inserts his ignition key and before he starts the vehicle's engine.

-All of these new characteristics confirm the reliability of the system, its considerable autonomy of up to six years, future development possibilities (connection to external environments, use without battery), as well as its universal profile that enables it to be used on any kind of car or light commercial vehicle such as campers. In effect, the Company's X-Pressure system can also be fitted to the tires of off-road vehicles and others that need a constant tire pressure check. A remote version is available for vehicles with extremely long trailers such as some caravans, and enables the collation of tire data and its transmission by Lin Bus to the central display of the towing vehicle.