Inalfa Roof Systems Group B.V. Business Report up until FY ended 2009

Business Highlights

Recent Years


-In 2009, Inalfa Roof Systems Korea Ltd. (Inalfa Korea) was awarded the first contract from Hyundai - the panorama roof business for the Hyundai GD program. The program is the successor of the Hyundai i30 and will be produced in the Czech Republic. Start of operation is July 2011 and the annual production volume is 16,153 with a total 96,920 units. The Company will be supported in this project by Inalfa's the Advanced Engineering Center in the Netherlands. (From a press release on Nov. 9, 2009)

-In Feb. 2009, the Company announced it supplies roof systems for the new Volvo "XC 60". (From a press release on Feb. 12, 2009)

-From the end of 2006, the Company will supply the sunroofs for the "Cadillac STS" to Shanghai GM in China. This is the first order for Inalfa Roof Systems to GM in China. In the USA, the Company already supplies the "Cadillac STS" sunroof to GM North America.

-The Company gained the order for the supply of the sunroof for the next Nissan "X-Trail". SOP is in August 2006. With an initial annual production volume of more than 100,000. It is a cooperative project between several Inalfa companies, supervised by Nihon Inalfa.


-In June 2009, the Company's Grand Blanc plant in Michigan, USA, was awarded the Ford Motor Company's Gold Award World Excellence Award. (From a press release on June 23, 2009)

-In July, 2008, the Company is added to the list of PACCAR's 2007 "50 PPM" suppliers.


R&D Structure

-Close to 300 specialists are dedicated to R&D, the majority in Venray (Netherlands), Auburn Hills (USA) and Mado-Myeon (Korea).

Product Development

Touchless antitrap for advanced sunroofs
-In September 2005, the Company and Ident Technology are announcing a cooperation for the touchless antitrap for advanced sunroofs. This development is based on SKINPLEX technology. Both parties are striving towards a soonest possible serial production in this project.

Polycarbonate panel for future roof systems, Exatec 900vt
-The Company presents the latest Exatec product, Exatec 900vt, at The International Auto show (IAA) in Frankfurt/Main, in September 2005. Exatec 900vt allows engineers to economically incorporate design and styling innovations into advanced roof designs. This product enables the simultaneous application of different coating systems on the A- and B-sides of polycarbonate roof panels while retaining the proven weatherability of Exatec 900.

Team up with Peguform Bohemia for Polycarbonate for PC panels supply

-Peguform Bohemia and the Company team up to supply advanced Polycarbonate Automotive Roof Systems. Peguform Bohemia who in March, 2005 announced their agreement with Exatec to set up clearGlass, a PC glazing manufacturer based on Exatec Technology in the Czech Republic, can offer advanced Exated Technology competitively. Peguform Bohemia uses injection technology, is experienced with high-end plastics, has the coating capabilities and practices lean manufacturing. The Company chose Peguform Bohemia as the supplier and partner of the Company.

Investment Activities

Investment Outside the Netherlands

-In 2005, South Korea, the Company will establish a new Technical Centre for Asia in Kyunggi-Do, alongside the existing Engineering Centre. In Mado, a new production facility will be established soon, in order to double Asian production capacity. (Released in Sept. 2005)

-In 2006, the Company opens its factory in Yantai, China, which became operational in 2007.
-In 2005, the Company will open an engineering and business development office in Shanghai.(Released in Sept. 2005)