Martinrea International Inc. Business Report FY2008

Business Highlights


-Global compact stampings for GM
-The next generation Ford C-1 Platform (Focus and Escape) engine cradle
-New metallic assemblies on the new Nissan commercial van commencing 2010
-The next generation Jeep front end reinforcement through a Tier One supplier
-GM Epsilon takeover compact vehicle fluid products
-First orders with Paccar and Cummins Engine
-New metallic business on Ford's new Transit vehicle
-Additional work on the next generation of Ford's Super Duty pick-up
-Metal forming and fluid management awards on the next generation Jeep Grand Cherokee
-New business from Toyota Boshoku
-Received the the first business from Volkswagen


R&D Facilities

-The Company has technical center focused on research and development in Manchester (MI).

Technological Alliance

Hydrogen Generating System (HGS)
-In February 2005, the Company and Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd., a hydrogen-based energy and power technology firm, announced that they have signed a license agreement under which the companies will jointly develop an automotive Hydrogen Generating System (HGS) for automobiles and light trucks based on proprietary, patented technology developed by Hy-Drive and its predecessor company. The HGS generates and injects small amounts of hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber of a regular internal combustion engine creating an enriched air mixture and a more complete and faster burn of the air-fuel mixture. Based on Hy-Drive's extensive testing and trials conducted to date on a wide variety of internal combustion engines, Hy-Drive's HGS has demonstrated substantial enhancements in performance in terms of fuel savings and reducing carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and particulate matter. The two companies will focus on modifying Hy-Drive's existing HGS, which will include reducing the size of the system for the automotive market. Under the terms of the agreement, the Company was granted the exclusive worldwide license for the development of Hy-Drive's technology for the automotive industry.

Proprietary technologies
-The Company's proprietary technologies include ESC (high performance composite Engineered Structural Components) and the tubing product families of P-CAPR (Pilot Conductive Anti-Permeation), E-P-CAPR (Elastomeric Pilot Conductive Anti-Permeation) and P-TECR; ZLTR (Zero Leak Technology high pressure fittings); and certain approaches to hydroforming, space frame manufacturing, and utilization of a vehicle's frame for fluid storage.

Investment Activities

Capital Expenditures

(in million of Canadian dollars)
Overall 66.4

-The plant in Slovakia was completed and is commencing production in 2009
-The Expansion of Tupelo, Mississippi was completed
-The Estampados facility in Mexico increased parts production
-The Consolidation of the plant in Manchester, Michigan for fluid system products was completed.
-A new assembly facility in Ajax, Ontario was set up and commenced production of assemblies for the Chevrolet Camaro program in early 2009.