Autoneum Holding AG (formerly Rieter Automotive) Business Report FY2010

Business Highlights 

Financial Overview

(in CHF million)
  FY2010 FY2009 Rate
of change(%)
Sales 1,715.4 1,424.3 20.4 +Strongest revenue revovery in North and South America
+Strong growth in Asia driven by new orders and recent opening of new facilities in China and India
+In Europe volume stabilized and started to rocover in 2010.
EBIT 22.3 (115.8) -

Further expansion in Emerging markets

-The Company established facilities in emerging markets at an early stage, for example, Latin America and Turkey. In recent years, it has clearly focused on developing its presence in the large Asian markets, China and India. The Company already has a good market position in these countries with Japanese and western manufacturers; customer relationships with local manufacturers are being established.
China: Two new plants were established in 2010.  It will have six plants and a research center at the end of 2011.
India: A new plant was established in 2010. It will have two plants at the end of 2011.

-The Company established a third manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic in response to structural changes in Europe.


-Total manufacturing capacity aligned in Europe and North America and 8 facilities have been closed since 2008. The restructuring was virtually completed in 2010.

-The Company sold I.DE.A Institute S.p.A. to Swiss-based investment company Quantum Kapital AG. I.DE.A Institute is an automobile design company in Turin, Italy. Quantum will acquire the parent company in Italy as well as the branch office in China and the activities in Brazil. (From a press release on June 16, 2010)


R&D Expenditure

(in CHF million)
FY2010 FY2009 FY2008
66 74 81

R&D Structure

Switzerland Winterthur (HQ) Acoustics Center, Research and Technology center
  Sevelen Development Center
France Aubergenville Acoustics Center, Development Center
Germany Rossdorf-Gundernhausen Acoustics Center
Italy Desio Acoustics Center Trucks
  Leini Development Center
  Santhia Acoustics Center
USA Fmarmington Hills, Michigan Acoustics Center, Development Center
  Chicago Heights, Illinois Development Center
Brazil Sao Bernardo do Campo Acoustics Center, Development Center
China Shanghai Acoustics Center, Development Center
Japan Kita-ku, Tokyo (Nittoku) Acoustics Center
  Shizuoka (Nittoku) Acoustics Center

Product development

Rieter Hybrid Acoustics
-This product offers weight reductions of up to 50% compared with a conventional products for engine bay rear bulkhead insulation.

Triform Pattern
-New pattern with 15-20% less weight compared to conventional embossing patterns

Investment Activities

Capital Expenditure

(in CHF million)
  FY2010 FY2009 FY2008
Automotive Systems 72.4 56.2 85.3

Investments Outside Germany
-In 2010, the Company established four plants in China (2), India (1) and Czech Republic (1).