Camel Group Co., Ltd.

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No. 65 Hanjiang North Road, Xiangyang City, Hubei, China

Business Overview

-China's leading supplier of lead acid batteries and other batteries. Main business areas are low-voltage batteries, stationary power supplies, secondary lead-acid batteries, and lithium battery recycling services.

-The company manufactures two types of low-voltage batteries for automobiles: lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. The former includes batteries for starting, batteries for start and stop vehicles, auxiliary batteries for New Energy Vehicles, and batteries for commercial vehicle parking air conditioners. The latter includes 12V New Energy Vehicle auxiliary batteries, 24V parking air conditioner batteries, 48V start and stop vehicle batteries, backup power supplies and stationary power supplies.

-In 2022, the company's lead-acid battery production capacity in China was approximately 33 million kVAh/year, lead-acid battery production capacity outside China was 2 million kVAh/year, and waste lead-acid battery recycling and processing capacity was 860,000 tons/year.

-In addition to "Camel", the company also owns the brands "Huazhong", "Swan", and "DF". 


-Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (As of Dec. 31, 2022)
Shareholders Shareholding ratio (%)
Guoben LIU 23.73
Hubei Tuofeng Investment Co.,Ltd. 12.82
Others 63.45
Total 100.00


Lead-acid batteries
-Automotive starter lead-acid batteries/automobile starting batteries
-Plate type valve-controlled lead-acid batteries
-Pure lead thin plate winding type lead-acid battery
-Valve regulated lead acid batteries
-Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

New energy products
-Permanent magnet synchronous motors
-Motor controllers
-Ternary lithium batteries
-Start-stop batteries
-Lithium-iron batteries
-Commercial vehicle battery systems

-Battery cases
-Battery cell separators
-Battery plates
-Lead alloy for batteries
-Batteries for parking coolers


1988 The Company was established.
1997 Received ISO9002 certification. 
2001 Received ISO9001 certification. 
2005 Received (BVQI)ISO/TS16949 certification. 
2008 Received ISO14001 certification. 
2009 Established a new plant in Xiangfan with an annual capacity of 8 million lead-acid starter batteries.
2010 The company changed its name to Camel Group Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2011 Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
Jan. 2012 Central China Camel Storage Battery Co.,Ltd. established.
July 2012 South China Camel Storage Battery Co.,Ltd. established.
Mar. 2013 Northeast China Camel Storage Battery Co.,Ltd. established.
July 2014 Acquired 100% shares of Yangzhou Apollo Battery Co., Ltd.
June 2015 The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Hubei Camel Special Power Supply Co., Ltd., changed its name to Hubei Camel New Energy Battery Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2015 Camel New Energy Battery Co., Ltd., its wholly owned subsidiary, acquired all shares in Xiangyang Camel New Energy Co., Ltd.

Jun. 2016

The Company and SC Uzavtosanoat of Uzbekistan signed a basic agreement setting the framework under which Camel will acquire over 51% of SC Djizak Battery Plant shares owned by SC Uzavtosanoat.

Jul. 2016

The Company established a wholly owned subsidiary in Chongqing.
The Company established a new company Camel Chongping Recycling Co., Ltd.
Aug. 2016 The Company’s subsidiary, Camel Storage Battery Research Institute Co., Ltd., established Camel Energy Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.
Nov. 2016

The Company established wholly subsidiary Camel Group Wuhan Optics Valley R&D Center Co., Ltd. in Wuhan.

Jan. 2017 The Company established a joint venture in Turpan City in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region with Xinjiang Recycling Resources Group Co., Ltd. and Tuokesun Longyuan Investment Construction Co., Ltd. The new company will be called Camel Xinjiang Storage Battery Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2017 The Company invested in an electric vehicle manufacturer Rimac Automobili d.o.o. of Croatia.
Jun. 2017 The Company established a joint venture battery material recycling company, Camel Group (Anhui) Renewable Resources Co., Ltd., with Lei JIA.
Sept. 2017 Acquired the shares of Rimac Automobili d.o.o and 19/35% of the shares of Greyp Bikes d.o.o in Croatia.
Mar. 2018 Established Ricam New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. with Croatia's Rimac Automobili d.o.o
Mar. 2018 Completed acquisition of Hubei Jinyang Metallurgical Incorporated Co. Ltd.
Jan. 2019 The Company and M-ARSH LLC, an Uzbek company, planned to set up a joint venture, Camel M-Arsh Battery Co., Ltd. in the Republic of Uzbekistan. 
Jan. 2019 The Company was to set up new companies, Camel Group (Anhui) Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. and Camel Group (Anhui) Battery Co., Ltd. in Jieshou, Anhui Province.

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