Amalgamations Group

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861/862, Anna Salai, Chennai- 600 002, Tamil Nadu, India

Business Overview

-The Group is one of India's largest light engineering conglomerates.

-The Group's automotive parts business focuses primarily on engines and engine parts, transmission parts, batteries, and instrumentation.


Engines and engine parts
BBL Daido Pvt. Ltd.
-Engine bearings
-Steel-backed PTFE-based bushings
-Thrust washers

Bimetal Bearings Ltd.

-Engine bearings
-Thrust washers
-Copper alloy powders
-Copper alloy strips
-Aluminum alloy strips

India Pistons Ltd.
-Alfin Ring Carrier pistons for medium and heavy-duty diesel engines
-Aluminium Gravity Die casting pistons
-Aluminum Alloy Pistons for both gasoline & diesel engines
-Cast Iron parts
-Cooling gallery pistons for CRDI Engines
-Cylinder liners
-Gudgeon Pins
-Large Bore Two Piece Pistons
-Piston rings
-Piston Rings of alloyed cast iron with wear resistant coating
-Pistons-Ring carriers

IP Pins & Liners Ltd.
-Piston pins for light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, and passenger cars
-Rocker arm shafts
-Fuel injection pump components

IP Rings Ltd.
-Piston rings
-Turbocharger rings
-Orbital Cold Formed (OCF) differential gears and pinions
-OCF synchronizer rings
-OCF pole wheels
-OCF rotor shafts
-OCF differential case assemblies
-Transmission Component 

Kuduma Fasteners Ltd.
-High tensile fasteners
-Hex head bolts
-Weld nuts
-Cold headed components
-Fuel injection pump barrels

Shardlow India Ltd.
-Single and multi-cylinder crankshafts
-Connecting rods
-Piston crowns
-Pinion shafts
-Cluster gear shafts
-Stub axles
-Steering knuckles
-Axle beams
-Valve bodies
-Valve stems
-Cam Shafts
-Axle Shafts
-Prop Shaft Components
-Gear Blanks

Simpson & Co. Ltd.
-Diesel engines

TAFE Motors and Tractors Ltd. - Engine Division
-Diesel engines

Transmission parts
Amalgamations Repco Ltd.
-Clutch driven plates
-Coil spring lever type clutch cover assemblies
-Diaphragm spring clutch cover assemblies
-Ring Gears

Amalgamations Valeo Clutch Pvt. Ltd.
-Clutch assemblies
-Clutch release bearing assemblies
-Dual mass flywheels
-Hydraulic clutch release systems

TAFE Motors and Tractors Ltd. - Transmission Division
-Crown wheel pinion
-Cam shaft

AMCO Batteries Ltd.
-Polypropylene batteries

TAFE - Power Source Division
-Lead acid batteries

Automotive instrumentation
TAFE Access Ltd. - Instruments Division
-Instrument clusters


1938 Established as a holding company for six companies
1940 Simpson & Co. Ltd. was established.
1949 India Pistons Ltd. was established as the Group's first venture for manufacture of auto components at Sembiam, a suburb of Chennai.
1955 Amco Batteries was established.
1960 Shardlow India was established in collaboration with Ambrose Shardlow, U.K.
1961 Bimetal Bearings Ltd. was established in collaboration with Clevite Corporation, U.S. and Repco Ltd.
1962 Indiapistons-Repco was established in association with Repco of Australia.
1967 Amalgamations Repco Ltd. was established
1991 IP Rings was established in technical collaboration with Nippon Piston Rings Co., Ltd. of Japan.
1994 IP Power Cylinder Systems Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of India Pistons Ltd., was established.
2001 BBL Daido is established as a joint venture between Bimetal Bearings Ltd. and Daido Metal Co., Ltd, with equity participation by Simpson & Co., Ltd., Bimetal Bearings Ltd., and Daido Metal Co., Ltd.
2001 Stanadyne Amalgamations Pvt. Ltd. was established as a joint venture between Stanadyne Corporation, US and Amalgamations Pvt. Ltd.
Nov. 2007 India Pistons Ltd. entered into a joint venture agreement with MAHLE GmbH.
2014 Divested MAHLE IPL Ltd. to its joint venture partner, MAHLE GmbH.
2016 Divested Stanadyne Amalgamations Pvt. Ltd. to its joint venture partner, Stanadyne LLC.

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