AISIN SHIROKI CORPORATION (Formerly Shiroki Corporation)

Company Profile



35-1, Shimono Ichiba, Chigiri-cho, Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture, 442-8501, Japan

Business Overview

-The Company manufactures functional parts used in automotive interiors and car exterior products.

-The Company's main products are seat recliners, adjusters, window regulators, door locks (functional interior parts), door sashes and moldings (car exterior parts).

-Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (currently Aisin) became Shiroki Corporation’s parent company in December 2015, which is the result of Aisin Seiki’s completing a stock transfer of Shiroki’s stock. As this transaction will officially go into effect in April 2016, Shiroki will be delisted from the stock market on March 29, 2016.

-On April 1, 2023, the Company changed its name from Shiroki Kogyo to Aisin Shiroki Corporation. (From an April 1, 2023 press release)


-Unlisted company (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Aisin Corporation 100.00


Seat recliners and Seat adjusters
Manual recliner
Power recliner
Manual lifter break
Power seat adjuster
Power seat actuator
Cushion length adjusting mechanism
Long sliding rail
Sideway sliding rail
Power slide rail
Manual slide rail

Window regulators
Arm type window regulator (fan type)
Arm-type window regulator (crescent gear type)
Wire-type window regulator
Guideless window regulator

Door frames
Front doorframe (TNGA)
Rear doorframe (TNGA)
Front doorframe (basic type)
Rear doorframe (basic type)
Aluminum front doorframe

Door locks and hinges
Luggage compartment door closer
Luggage compartment door lock
Fully open-door stopper
Door hinge
Door check
Engine hood lock
Back door lock
Rear seatback lock
Floor lock

Belt molding
Arch molding
Frame molding

Power sliding door/Universal step
Power sliding door
Universal step


Mar. 1946 Established as Shiroki Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. with the head office and a factory in the Jujo Military Arsenal in Tokyo.
Oct. 1950 Moved its headquarters to Shinagawa-ward, Tokyo.
Jul. 1956 Ex-Nagoya Plant started operations. (This facility, which was located in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, was integrated into the Toyokawa Plant in June, 1988).
Dec. 1959 Osaka Plant started operations. (This facility, which was originally located in Ikeda City, Osaka, was moved to Ibaraki City, Osaka in August 1977).
Nov. 1960 Toyota-City Plant started operations in Toyota-City, Aichi Prefecture. (This facility was renamed as Toyota Plant in February 1985).
Feb. 1964 Musashino Plant started operations in Musashimurayama City, Tokyo. This facility was renamed as Tokyo Plant in October 1969. Its operations were integrated into the Fujisawa Plant in December 1986.
Jan. 1967 Fujisawa plant started operations in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Headquarters were transferred to this facility.
May 1970 Listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Oct. 1972 Listed on the 2nd Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange
Aug. 1973 Listed on the 1st Section of both the Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Oct. 1980 The Toyokawa branch plant, located in Ichinomiya-cho, Hoi-gun, Aichi Pref., started operation. The plant was renamed as the Toyokawa plant in August 1981.
Sep. 1984 Established Shiroki Seiko Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1985 Established Shiroki Shoji Co., Ltd.
May 1986 Launched a two-headquarters system, which consists of the Yokohama headquarters and the Toyokawa headquarters.
Sep. 1986 Established the Toyokawa Technical Center.
Dec. 1986 Integrated the Tokyo Plant's operations into the Fujisawa Plant.
Mar. 1988 Established Shiroki-Wickes Corporation in Tennessee, U.S.A. Its corporate name was changed to SW Manufacturing, Inc. in December 1989 and then to Shiroki North America, Inc. in January 2007.
Jun. 1988 Integrated the Nagoya Plant's operations into the Toyokawa Plant.
Sep. 1988 Adopted a new corporate name, Shiroki Corporation.
May 1989 Established Shiroki USA Corp. in Michigan, U.S.A.
Apr. 1991 Nagoya Plant started operations in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.
Dec. 1993 Integrated Toyota Plant's operations into the Nagoya Plant, establishing the Toyota Production Division of the Nagoya Plant. (This facility is now called "Production Division 2").
Jun. 1995 Established SWM Georgia LLC in Georgia, U.S.A. (This company adopted a new name, Shiroki Georgia LLC, in January 2007)
Jul. 2000 Closed Yokohama headquarters and shifted to one headquarters at Toyokawa to improve efficiency of headquarters' functions.
Aug. 2001 Established Kyusyu Shiroki Corp. (currently a Consolidated Company)
Jan. 2002 Established Shiroki Thailand Co., Ltd. (currently a Consolidated Company)
Feb. 2002 Established Shiroki Brose Corp. in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture. (This company was moved to Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture in 2005).
Oct. 2003 Established Guangzhou Shiroki Corp. in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. (Now a consolidated subsidiary)
Jun. 2005 Established SWM-GT LLC in Gordonsville, Tennessee, USA, which later was changed to Shiroki GT LLC in January 2007, becoming the Company's consolidated subsidiary
Dec. 2007 Integrated the Production section 3, Nagoya Plant into the Toyokawa Plant. This production unit was renamed as "Production section 4, Toyokawa Plant".
Dec. 2009 Consolidated Production Section 4 of the Toyokawa Plant into Production Section 3 of the same plant. The vacated plant was renamed Toyota Depot.
Mar. 2011 Changed the status of Matsumi Corporation into a consolidated subsidiary, from a subsidiary accounted for under the equity method.
Aug. 2011 Established P.T. Shiroki Indonesia in West Java, Indonesia.
Jul. 2012 Established Shiroki Asia Corporation Limited in Bangkok, Thailand.
Jul. 2013 Established Tohoku Shiroki Co., Ltd. in Japan.
Jul. 2014 Established Shiroki Technico India Pvt. Ltd. in Haryana, India.
May 2015 Signed a contract to transfer the seat structure business with Toyota Boshoku and Aisin Seiki.
29 Mar. 2016 Delisted from the stock market.
1 Apr. 2016 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Aisin Seiki.
Dec. 2017 Established Shiroki Auto Components India Private Limited in Gujarat India.
Aug. 2020 Acquired additional 5% equity interest in the joint venture Shiroki Technico India Pvt. Ltd. and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.
Mar. 2021 Shiroki Auto Components India Pvt. Ltd. merged with Shiroki Technico India Pvt. Ltd. and ceased to exist.
Jun. 2021 Shiroki Technico India Pvt. Ltd. changed its name to Shiroki Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.
Jun. 2022 TOYOTA BOSHOKU CORPORATION, AISIN CORPORATION and car seats Concluded a production
Apr. 2023 Company name changed to AISIN SHIROKI CORPORATION

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