Aichi Machine Industry Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



2-12 Kawanami-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 456-8601, Japan

Business Overview

- Main products include engines, manual transmissions, transmissions for EVs, etc.


-Unlisted company
(As of Mar. 31, 2021)
Name or Company name Investment Ratio (%)
Nissan 100.0


-HR engine series

  • HR12DDR engines
  • HR12DE engines
  • HR12DE e-POWER engines
  • HR15DE engines
  • HR16DE engines

-QR engine series

  • QR25DE engines

Manual transmissions
-For FWD vehicles

  • F30A transmissions
  • F52A transmissions

-For RWD vehicles

  • R31A transmissions
  • GR6 transmissions

Automobile Parts
-Cylinder blocks
-Cylinder heads
-Head covers
-Front covers
-Oil pans
-Water outlets
-Bearing caps
-Cylinder liners
-Connecting rods
-Transmission cases
-Manual Transmission cases
-Shift forks
-Mission gears
-Ring gears
-Clutch gears

Electric vehicle parts
-Reduction gears
-Multipliers/reducers gearbox
-Power-Generating accelerator


Nov. 1944 Acquired all shares of a consolidated subsidiary, Aichi Kikou (formerly Shimamura Kikai)
May, 1949 Established Shinaichi Kigyo with capital of 60 million yen as a result of Corporate restructuring maintenance.
Sep. 1951 Listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Jul. 1952 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Dec. 1952 Changed Company name to Aichi Machine Industry Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1953 Listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange.
Nov. 1962 Technical tie-up with Nissan Motors.
Mar. 1965 Business tie-up with Nissan Motors.
Apr. 1977 Matsusaka Plant started operations.
Dec. 1983 Minato Plant started operations.
Nov. 1985 Oe Plant started operations.
Dec. 1991 Tsu Plant started operations.
Aug. 1993 Acquired shares of Shinwa Seiko (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Jan. 1995 Established Adax Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary.
Oct. 1998 Established Aichi Kikai Techno System Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary.
Jul. 2000 AK Business Service Co. Ltd., a surviving consolidated subsidiary, merged with AK Industries Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2001 Atsuta Plant and Matsuzaka Plant obtained ISO14001 certification.
Jan. 2001 Established a non-consolidated subsidiary, AK North America Corporation in U.S.A.
Mar. 2001 Withdrawal from automobile manufacturing and discontinuation of operations at Minato Plant.
May, 2001 Obtained ISO9001 certification company wide.
Jun. 2001 Liquidation of AK Business Service Co. Ltd completed.
Nov. 2001 Obtained QS9000 certification company wide.
Jan. 2002 Acquired further shares of Shinwa Seiko.
Mar. 2003 Delisted from Osaka Securities Exchange.
Aichikiki Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary Richmond Auto Part Technology Inc. were no longer consolidated subsidiaries after the Company sold their shares.
Dec. 2003 Sold off the Minato plant site.
Jan. 2004 Obtained ISO14001 certification company wide.
Aug. 2004 Started production of the HR series engines, strategic engines jointly developed by Nissan and Renault and targeted to the global market.
Oct. 2005 Transferred sales to Yorozu Aichi Corporation, a subsidiary established by Yorozu Corporation. Land and building still will be owned by Aichi Machine Industry.
Feb. 2006 Obtained ISO/TS 16949 certification company wide.
Oct. 2006 Shinwa Seiko Co., Ltd., merged with Aichi Kiko Corporation, becoming the surviving company.
Oct. 2007 Started production of the GR6 dual clutch transmission being mounted on the Nissan GT-R.
May 2009 Constructed a new facility in the Atsuta Plant as part of the Company's plant reorganization initiatives.
Feb. 2010 Developed and produced HR engine parts for Nissan's March and Mirca, compact cars designed for sale globally.
Mar. 2010 Surpassed the production mark of 20 million manual transmissions
May 2010 Developed and produced HR engine parts for the Nissan Juke.
Nov. 2010 Developed and produced gear reducers for Nissan's electric vehicle, the Leaf.
Mar. 2012 Delisted from stock exchange due to becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nissan Motor.
Jul. 2012 Commenced production of the HR12DDR engine for Nissan "Note".
Jun. 2013 Commenced production of the QR engine.
Sep. 2016 Production of electric vehicle "Note e-POWER" HR12DE engine for power generation, and started production of increase / reduction gear.
Jun. 2019 Surpassed the production mark of 30 million engines

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