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1-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8405, Japan

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-A major manufacture of various types of glass. It operates in five business areas: glass for the construction industry (North America and (Asia), automotive, electronics, chemicals and life science. (The life-science business was established on January 1, 2023.)

-In FY2021, the sales of Automotive Glass accounted for 20.5% of total company sales.

-On July 1, 2018, the Company will change its name from Asahi Glass Company, Limited, to AGC Inc.

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-Moved to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (As of Dec. 31, 2022)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 14.27
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 7.47
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. 3.46
The Asahi Glass Foundation 2.80
Barclays Securities Japan Limited 2.70
JPMorgan Chase & Co. 2.16
Asahi Glass Business Partner Shareholding Association 2.04
Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd. 1.79
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. 1.75
Nippon Life Insurance Company 1.65
Total 40.10


Automotive glass
-Patterned Glazing
-Module assembly window

  • Encapsulation
  • Brightwork

-Module Assembly Window

-Glass for displays

  • In-vehicle display cover glass
  • Car window displays

-Glass for sensor and antenna

  • Cover glass for LiDAR, Wideeye
  • Integrated Glass Antennas

-Window glass

  • Light Control Glass
  • Low-Emissivity Glass
  • Heated Coated Windshield
  • Heated Wire Windshield
  • Glass for head-up displays
  • Lightweight Glazing
  • Laminated Acoustic Glass
  • Infra-red Cut Glass
  • 99% UV Cut Glass in All Directions
  • Privacy glass My Veil
  • Water Repellent Door Glass
  • Glass Applique
  • Module Assembly Window
  • Laminated glass LAMISAFE
  • Tempered glass TEMPERLITE

-Glass for transportation equipment and industrial vehicles

  • Highly Insulating Glass
  • Highly Resistant Glass Chemically Tempered


Glass Substrates for Displays
-High strength glass for chemical strengthening
-High quality soda-lime glass


Electronic Materials
-High refractive index glass
-Antireflection coating
-Glass Frit, Glass Pastes and Low Temperature Hermetic Sealing Parts
-Polycarbonate sheet
-Hollow polycarbonate
-Glass substrate for anodic bonding
-Glass Ceramics Substrate
-IR cut filter
-Aspherical Glass Lenses
-Aspherical Glass Molded Lenses (Chalcogenide Glass)
-Aspherical Glass Molded Lens


-Fuel cell related materials
-Refrigerant for automotive air conditioners


1907 Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. is established.
1909 Company started operation of Amagasaki Industries and started manufacturing of window glass.
1914 The Makiyama factory is set up.
1916 Starts manufacturing of fireproof brick.
1916 The Tsurumi factory is set up.
1917 Starts manufacturing soda ash.
1939 The Company acquired Showa Kagaku Kogyo Ltd., and set up the Ibo factory.
1942 The Company acquired Ohsaka Sarasiko Ltd., and set up the Yodogawa factory.
1944 The Company merged with Nihon Kasei Kogyo Ltd., and the Company name was changed to Mitsubishi Kasei Kogyo Ltd.
1950 Mitsubishi Kasei Kogyo Ltd. is divided into three companies due to the Law on Corporate Restructuring. The Company returns to its old name of ASAHI GLASS Co., Ltd. and restarts business.
The Company was listed on the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya stock exchanges.
1954 The Company established Asahi Special Glass Ltd. to make glass valves for televisions.
1956 The Company jointly established the Asahi Fiber Glass Co., Ltd. with Owens Corning Fiber Glass Co. (US).
1956 The Company established Asahi Processing Glass Ltd. to make glass processing into a business.
1995 Agreed to purchase all the shares of Asahi Fiber Glass Co., Ltd. from Owens Fiberglass (US)
1997 Purchased shares of Asahi Ohrin Co., Ltd. from Ohrin (US) and made it into a wholly-owned subsidiary. Next year, the subsidiary's name will be changed to Asahi Urethane Co., Ltd.
1998 Agreed to merge with Iwaki Glass Company, Ltd. and Toshiba Glass Company, Ltd. Next year the name of the Company will be changed to Asahi Techno Glass, Ltd.
1998 Graverbel acquired PPG Co., a European plate glass company.
1999 Acquired South Korea Electric Glass Company, a manufacturer of color-cathode glass valves.
Acquired the fluoroplastics business from IC (UK).
2001 Set up a new research and development building in the Central Research Institute.
2002 The Ceramics business was transferred to Asahi Glass Ceramics Co.
Made Glaverbel S.A. into the Company's fully-owned subsidiary.
2004 Its ceramic-based exterior siding business was spun off to become a new joint-venture company, Asahi Tostem Exterior Wall Co., Ltd.
2005 Made Asahi Techno Glass, Ltd. into a fully owned subsidiary.
2006 Acquired Matsushima Optical Component Co., Ltd., and changed the name of the subsidiary company to AGC Micro Glass Co., Ltd. in 2007.
2007 Set up Osaka Office.
Spun off Asahi Fiber Glass Co., Ltd. and sold off all the shares it held in this subsidiary.
2008 The Company sold off all the shares it held in Optrex Corporation.
2009 The Kitakyushu Plant terminated production of automotive glass.
2011 The Company established AGC Glass Brazil in Brazil.
2012 Closed strategical agreement with Interpane Glas Industrie AG in Germany.
2014 The Company tapped into the Vietnamese market by acquiring shares in Phu My Plastics & Chemicals Co., Ltd., a local company that produces polyvinyl chloride.
2015 Acquired all the stock shares in NordGlass Sp. z o.o., a supplier based in Poland manufacturing automotive replacement glass.
2016 Acquired all shares of German company Biomeva (now AGC Biologics) and started contract manufacturing business of biopharmaceutical development and manufacture in that country
2017 Acquired all shares of CMC Biologics (now AGC Biologics), which has a development base in Denmark and the US, and started a biopharmaceutical development manufacturing contract business in that country
2017 Acquired majority share of Vinythai, a Thai chemical manufacturing and sales company, and secured a new production base for vinyl chloride resin
2018 Company name changed from Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. to AGC Co., Ltd.
2018 Acquired the electronics business of US Park Electronics Co., Ltd.
2019 Acquired the Advanced Dielectric Division (ADD) and some of the Industrial Products Division of US-based Taconic Co., Ltd.
2020 Established a new R&D facility in the AGC Yokohama Technical Center (former Keihin Plant)
2021 Consolidated two former R&D centers (the Central R&D Center and the former R&D center at the Keihin Plant) into one and renamed it the AGC Yokohama Technical Center. 

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