Archives of Past Exhibits: Asahi Glass

Tokyo Motor Show 2015

UV and IR cut glass

High-performance fluoroelastomers Technology to improve sensor accuracy

Automatically dimming glass

Installed model: Mercedes-Benz "S-Class"

Product lineup

-Asahi Glass products introduced to the bus stop

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Sphelar Solar Cells

With Sphelar solar cells, power can be generated from light gathered from all directions. Sphelar solar cells could be used as automotive sunroofs in the future.

Self-Adhesive Cover Glass for Optical Bonding

The new self-adhesive glass bonds directly to display devices used in tablets and other electronic products, greatly contributing to the proliferation of more vivid and clear displays.

Automatically Dimming Glass

A simple switch is just required to vary the light transmission between near total darkness to almost clear glass in a matter of seconds. Installed Vehicles for sunroof : Mercedes-Benz "SLK-Class", "SL Coupe"

UV Veil Premium Cool on

The glass, "UV Veil Premium Cool On," blocks about 99% of infrared light for automotive doors Installed Vehicles : Toyota "Vitz", "Aqua"