Daimler: new models boost car sales to record highs for 2013

Production & sales networks revamped to regain leadership in premium market



Daimler Passenger Car:Retail Sales of Major Markets
Note:Values include sales of smart brand.

 The unit sales of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler's passenger car division, from January to October 2013 marked a record high at 1.27 million units backed by strong sales in China and the launch of the all-new A-Class and other models. The company expects both unit sales and sales revenues in the full year 2013 to exceed those in 2012. Daimler aspires to recapture leadership in the premium segment markets by 2020 by adding new models in its flagship S-Class, and other lineups including GLA-Class SUV based on A-Class. As for production, Daimler is starting production of all-new models in China, Brazil, Hungary, and Finland among other markets.

  LMC Automotive forecasts the light vehicle sales of Daimler Group in 2013 to increase by 5.0% to 1.73 million units and to 2.23 million units by 2016, which is 35.2% growth compared to the sales volume of 2012. China and the United States are the regions expected to contribute the most; increasing 91.1% to 444,000 units and 29.7% to 396,000 units respectively. LMC Automotive comments “although the growth of luxury car sales [in China] decelerated in 2012, an increasing wealth and consumption trade-up has provided market potential in the long run. Meanwhile, further localization action and the continuous introduction of smaller luxury cars will also serve as key drivers.”

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Mercedes-Benz Cars' targets and outlook for 2013

Outlook for 2013

Outlook for full-year 2013 * Car sales are expected to outnumber results in the previous year to a new record (1.42 million units sold in 2012).
* EBIT of approximately 4 billion euros expected in car sales (approximately 4.39 billion euros in 2012).
* Sales revenues will outnumber results in the previous year due to growth of North American markets and emerging countries, and strong sales of new models (61.66 billion euros in 2012).


Mercedes-Benz Cars' targets and business initiative

Targets * Global Mercedes-Benz Cars sales of 1.5 million units in 2014 and 1.6 million units in 2015 (the smart excluded).
* To sell 300,000 units in China in 2015.
* To recapture global top sales in premium markets by 2020.
Business initiative * To strengthen production, sales and marketing network. Strengthen business in China in particular by strengthening sales network and establishing local production and research functions.
* To collaborate with the Renault-Nissan Alliance and other manufacturers to share components for cost reduction and joint development.
* Capital and cost reduction: Plans: Capital expenditure ratio up to7%, R&D ratio up tp6% (2012 results: Capital expenditure ratio 5.7%, R&D ratio 6.6%)
* Return on Sales (RoS): 10% on average targeted (7.1% in 2012).
Model mix * To launch at least 12 new models by 2015 (announced in September 2013).
* To introduce 20 new or face-lifted models in China by 2015 (announced in August 2013).
Development and production structures * To reduce overall costs and offset increase in raw material costs under the "Fit for Leadership" slogan; by consolidating global production structure, improving efficiency of platform, powertrain and parts production.
* To realize 40% of cost reduction through material cost cut, 20% by production cost cut, and 40% by fixed cost cut(R&D, etc.).
* EUR 2 billion cost improvement from 2012 to the end of 2014.
* To modularize vehicle components for product cost reduction.
* To consolidate all platforms by 2015 by combining the MFA platform for front-wheel drive(FWD) systems and the MRA platform for Rear-Wheel Drive(RWD) systems ; eventually to roll out 30 variations.
* To reflect the module strategy on all Mercedes-Benz Cars by 2018.
Clean technologies * To reduce average CO2 emissions of Mercedes-Benz Cars for Europe to 125g/km by 2016 (from 140g/km in 2012). Mid-term plan aims for efficiency improvement through the development of diesel and petrol engine fuel efficiency and emissions technologies. The introduction of Electric Vehicle (EV) and Fuel-Cell Vehicle(FCV) is also planned to achieve the zero emissions.

Sources: Daimler Corporate Presentation July/August 2013, Q3 2013 Presentation, Operation Cars 2012.



Model mix: Roll-out of all-new S-Class and A-Class-based vehicles

 Daimler is planning active roll-out of new models including the A-Class and the A-Class-based GLA-Class and CLA-Class. The S-Class, the company's flagship model featuring various cutting-edge technologies, was launched in July. The S-Class received orders for approximately 30,000 units in three months of release. Daimler is expecting a full-year profit increase for 2013.


Mercedes-Benz Cars


S-Class S 500 Plug-in Hybrid
S-Class S 500 Plug-in Hybrid
(at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013)


All-new S-Class: Sixth-generation flagship launched

All-new S-Class  The new S-Class, the sixth-generation flagship model fully-redesigned for the first time in 8 years, was launched in July 2013. The new S-Class lineup includes the petrol-fueled S 500, the diesel-fueled S 350 BlueTEC, and two hybrid models including the petrol-engine based S 400 HYBRID and the diesel-engine based S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID.
 The new S-Class is fitted with the Stereo Multi Purpose Camera (SMPC) and other newly-developed advanced systems addressing enhanced safety and comfort. The stereo camera, mounted near the rear-view mirror behind the windshield, can simultaneously provide a three-dimensional view of the area up to 50 meters ahead and detect the situation ahead for a range up to 500 meters. The three-dimensional visual data from the SMPC are used to detect distances to vehicles, pedestrians and objects. These data are analyzed, combined with data sent from other radar sensors, to activate safety systems when necessary. The safety features include the BAS PLUS collision avoidance assist system, and the DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist for lane departure prevention and adaptive vehicle control to keep necessary distance from another vehicle ahead at low speeds. Another feature, the Traffic Sign Assist, alerts the driver audibly and visually on the display, based on the traffic sign information detected by the SMPC.
 The newly-developed Beltbag adds to the overall safety. It nearly triples the seatbelt width of the rear-seat occupants in an event of a frontal collision. The expanded seatbelt will disperse the load acting on a contact point, ease the collision impact and reduce the risk of injury.
 Launches are planned for the S-Class AMG in May 2014, the Coupe in the fall of 2014 (the ongoing CL-Class two-door coupe will be discontinued), the S 500 Plug-in Hybrid within 2014, the LWB S 550 Hybrid and the four-door Convertible in the first half of 2015, and the LWB S-Class Ultraluxury Sedan with a 3165mm wheelbase in 2015.


(at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013)



Launch Model Description
Sep. 2012 All-new A-Class  A premium compact model with 4417mm overall length built on the MFA platform shared with the B-Class. Powered by 1.6- to 2.2-liter petrol or diesel engine. The ECO start/stop system is used on all engines. Standard safety features include the radar-based Collision Prevention Assist System that provides brake control assist to avoid collision or mitigate impact. The Pre-Safe System provides visual and audible warning when it predicts a rear-end collision.
Apr. 2013 CLA-Class  The CLA-Class inherits the design of the CLS-Class four-door coupe. It derives from the new A-Class and has an overall length of 4630mm.
2014 GLA-Class  An SUV with an overall length of 4417mm and based on the new A-Class platform. It was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show held in September 2013. The company started to take orders at the end of November for deliveries starting in 2014.
The first half of 2014 B-Class
Electric Drive
 An EV, based on Tesla Motors' EV technology. It delivers maximum output of 130kW/174hp and maximum torque of 340Nm/250lb-ft. Powered by 28kWh lithium-ion battery stowed under the floor.



Launch Model Description
2014 All-new C-Class sedan  The new C-Class sedan uses a new structure that reduces the vehicle weight by 70kg from the previous model. To be unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show. The convertible, plug-in hybrid and diesel versions are reportedly to be added.
2015 All-new E-Class  To be launched in 2015. The convertible and the coupe versions are to be introduced in 2016.



Launch Model Description
Nov. 2012 All-new GL-Class  A large-size cross-over SUV, the GL 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC, is powered by a 190kW (258hp) diesel engine and has an EU combined fuel efficiency of 7.4-liter/100km (13.5km/liter). The GL 500 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY is powered by a V8 petrol engine with 11.3-liter/100km (8.8km/liter) fuel efficiency.
2015 MLC-Class  An SUV coupe based on the ML-Class SUV. It is slated for launch in the first half of 2015. It is most likely to be produced at the Tuscaloosa plant in the U.S. and to rival the BMW X6.
2016 All-new GLK-Class  An all-new compact SUV is slated for launch in 2016. A coupe version is reportedly under development.




fourjoy fourjoy
fourjoy (at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013)


Launch Model Descriptiosn
2015 All-new fortwo  The all-new smart fortwo is a two-seater small hatchback slated for market launch in 2015. The length is to be extended by 3 inches from the existing model to 109 inches resulting in a longer bonnet. The smart/Twingo are being developed jointly with Renault under a common design concept. The model will be powered by a new 0.9-liter 3-cylinder engine. A turbocharged version will be made available. The new fortwo will be produced at the Hambach plant in France where the current model is produced.
forfour  The forfour, a rear-wheel drive four-seater based on the platform developed for the new fortwo, is reportedly slated for market launch in 2016 or 2017. It will be powered by an all-new 3-cylinder engine. The fourjoy concept car, prepared as a design preview of the forfour, was exhibited at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The forfour will measure 3494mm long, 1978mm wide and 1494mm high.



Chinese market: Introducing local production models and strengthening local sales network

 Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 210,000 units in 2012 in China, making the country the third largest market behind Germany and the U.S. The division sold 188,000 units from January to October 2013, an increase of 7.8% year-over-year (y/y).. Daimler will develop its local production network and strengthen sales network to expand the sales in China to 300,000 units by 2015. The company plans to launch 20 new or redesigned models by 2015.


Investment in BAIC  In November 2013, Daimler announced acquisition of 12% stake in BAIC Motor Co., Ltd., the passenger car unit of Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC). Daimler will receive two seats on the Board of Directors of BAIC Motor. The new agreement enables BAIC to produce vehicles carrying its original brand name but based on the platform provided by Mercedes-Benz.
GLA-Class to be produced at Beijing Benz plant in China  In September 2013, it was reported that Daimler was to start local production of the all-new compact SUV, GLA-Class, in the Beijing Benz plant in China. The GLA-Class produced locally in China will be powered by the engines manufactured by Beijing Benz.
Beijing Benz's engine plant starts production  In May 2013, trial production of the M274, a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged engine, and the M276, a 3.5-liter V6 direct-injection engine, started at the new engine plant located in Yizhuang Economic and Technical Development Zone. Daimler's first passenger car engine plant outside Germany has initial production capacity of 250,000 units a year. The company plans to complete the second phase of construction work by 2015 and double the capacity. Production of the M274 and M276 engines will start in 2013. Production of the M270, 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged engines, will start in 2014. The engines will be used on the models produced by Beijing Benz and Fujian Benz.
Strengthening sales network  In June 2013, Daimler announced plans to open 75 new Mercedes Benz dealers in China before the end of 2013. Including those in 36 new cities, there will be over 300 dealers in China. To strengthen its service in China, Daimler has established Sales Management China Unit in its Stuttgart headquarters to support and manage the passenger car sales activities and conduct staff training in China.
First DENZA-branded EV slated for launch in 2013  In July 2013, Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd., a joint-venture company established by Daimler and BYD, announced it would exhibit a production model of the first EV carrying the DENZA brand at the Guangzhou Motor Show in November 2013. According to the plan, the brand-new EV will reach market in the middle of 2014. DENZA was announced in March 2012 as the brand of new energy vehicles for the Chinese market. The first EV model will be powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries developed by BYD.
Strengthening the smart sales in China  In April 2013, Daimler was granted permission to sell EVsin China. The company plans to sell the smart fortwo electric drive, a two-seater smart EV, in China bythe end of 2013.
 Daimler intends to increase the number of the smart sales outlets to 100 in 75 cities before the end of 2013 (from 88 in 68 cities as of August 2013).



Strengthening production network: Central and Eastern Europe, Brazil, and other markets

 Daimler plans to strengthen its production bases in Hungary, South Africa, Brazil, Central and Eastern Europe and other regions outside of Europe. Daimler will build high-quality plants outside of Germany to construct flexible production network among production bases.

Producing new models in Hungary and Finland

Hungary: Producing CLA-Class, an all-new four-door coupe  In January 2013, Daimler announced start of production of the CLA-Class at the Kecskemet plant in Hungary. Shipment to dealers started in April. The plant has been producing the new B-Class since March 2012.
Finland: Contract production of the A-Class  In September 2013, Daimler announced start of contract production of the all-new A-Class at Valmet Automotive's Uusikaupunki plant in Finland. The contract calls for over 100,000 units of the A-Class cars between 2013 and 2016 (A-Class has been produced at the Rastatt in Germany since July 2012 and at the Kecskemet plant in Hungary since January 2013).
Romania: Production of the new-generation AT  In April 2013, Daimler invested 300 million euros for constructing a new plant in Sebes in Romania. Production of the DCT will start in 2014. The new plant will also assemble the new-generation automatic transmissions that will reach markets in 2016. The transmission production capacity at the chief plant in Stuttgart has reached limits and the new plant will be located near the existing plant in Cugir in Romania.


Other markets: New plants, production increase and local production

Brazil: New plant to start production in 2016  In October 2013, Daimler announced plans to build a new plant in Iracemapolis near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Production of the C-Class and GLA-Class at the new plant will start in 2016 with an annual quantity of 20,000 units. Daimler is investing approximately 170 million euros for the initial stage.
South Africa: Investing in East London plant to increase production of the C-Class  In October 2013, it was reported that Daimler would invest ZAR 3 billion (about USD 302 million) to increase production of the C-Class cars in South Africa. The company plans to introduce new production engineering technologies at the East London plant and start a three-shift operation to expand annual production to 100,000 units (compared to 60,000 units today).
Mexico: Joint production at Nissan plant  In September 2013, it was reported that joint production of small premium models would start at Nissan's Aguascalientes plant in Mexico. The platform and some of the body parts will be shared with Nissan's Infiniti Q30 (to be launched in 2015) to produce the GLA- or CLA-Class.
India: Local production of GL-, A-, and B-Class cars  In August 2013, Mercedes-Benz India announced start of local assembly of the GL-Class SUV at the Chakan plant. The company has plans to start assembly of the A- and B-Class at the Chakan plant in 2014. It is investing INR 2.5 billion to double annual capacity to 20,000 units by 2014. In July 2013, the plant started assembly production of the E-Class (with current production capacity of 10,000 units).
Malaysia: Investing in Pekan assembly plant  In June 2013, it was reported that Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd would make additional investment of MYR 100 million in the next five years to add new models to production at the assembly plant located in Pekan in Pahang state. The plant is currently producing the S-Class, E-Class and C-Class (MYR 250 million has been invested since 2014).
Thailand: Strengthening production and sales  In February 2013, it was reported that Mercedes-Benz Thailand would invest THB 1.2 billion in the Samutprakarn plant owned by Thonburi Assembly Co., a contract manufacturer. The company will invest THB 200 million to increase the annual contract quantity from 16,000 to 18,000 or 19,000 units. The remaining THB 1 billion will be spent to add five sales and service outlets in Thailand.



Mercedes-Benz Cars unit sales and business performances:

Unit sales: Strong sales of new compact cars in the U.S., China and Japan

 Mercedes-Benz Cars registered record unit sales from January through October 2013 at 1.27 million units, an increase of 9.4%y/y. In regional comparison, the North American market grew 12.1%y/y. Unit sales in the U.S. increased 12.8% to 253,000 units topping results in Germany. Sales are also strong in the Asia-Pacific region with 13.4% increase to 329,000 units. This includes China with 7.8% increase to 188,000 units and Japan with 30.8% increase to 44,000 units.

 Among Western European markets, the U.K. marked 18.8% increase y/y to 95,000 units. Italy marked 6.6% increase to 38,000 units followed by Spain with 10.2% increase to 20,000 units. These brisk sales results helped to make up for sales in Germany. As a result, Mercedes-Benz Cars' unit sales in Western Europe from January through October 2013 rose to 607,000 units with 5.7% increase over prior year. This marked the first increase y/yin Mercedes-Benz Cars' unit sales in Western Europe that was shrinking in recent years. The company announced in October that its share likewise increased in nearly all markets.

 In segment comparison, the A- and B-Class unit sales marked a significant increase of 68.8% y/y to 304,000 units after the market launch of the all-new A-Class and CLA-Class. High demand for SUV is continuing and unit sales of the ML/R/GLK/GL/G-Class increased 16.1% y/y to 264,000 units with the GLK-/M-Class playing a key role. In contrast, unit sales of the C-/CLK-/SLK-Class declined 11.4% y/y to 305,000 units. The S-/CL-/SL-Class/SLS/Maybach premium models declined 18.7% y/y to 55,000 units.


Mercedes-Benz Cars: sales volume by region (including smart)

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2011-
2012 2013 Change
Western Europe 741,000 645,800 638,512 629,694 624,450 (0.8%) 574,083 606,870 5.7%
(thereof) Germany 332,900 298,000 293,445 291,261 288,961 (0.8%) 238,209 235,693 (1.1%)
North America 280,000 237,400 258,494 288,475 325,522 12.8% 257,886 289,037 12.1%
(thereof) the U.S. 249,700 205,200 222,375 250,439 284,014 13.4% 223,905 252,575 12.8%
Asia and Pacific 147,500 168,300 270,520 333,880 335,619 0.5% 289,960 328,848 13.4%
(thereof) China 42,700 71,900 151,945 204,385 212,060 3.8% 173,956 187,590 7.8%
(thereof) Japan 37,000 28,600 31,337 33,623 40,488 20.4% 33,392 43,663 30.8%
Other regions 88,100 77,800 97,702 110,885 138,218 24.6% 40,590 46,753 15.2%
Global sales volume 1,256,600 1,129,300 1,265,228 1,362,934 1,423,809 4.5% 1,162,519 1,271,508 9.4%
Source: Daimler Annual Report、Interim Report for respective year、IR Release November 6, 2013
Note: 1. Sales volume in China include the volume in Hong Kong.
2. A figure in brackets (  ) indicates a loss.


Mercedes-Benz Cars: sales volume by class

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2011-
2012 2013 Change
A /B-Class 253,800 219,300 222,373 194,158 226,477 16.6% 179,821 303,599 68.8%
C/CLK/SLK-Class 439,700 344,600 343,470 401,340 413,193 3.0% 344,036 304,968 (11.4%)
E/CLS-Class 177,000 211,100 323,151 338,386 310,408 (8.3%) 255,463 261,408 2.3%
90,600 65,800 78,244 78,480 80,059 2.0% 67,744 55,054 (18.7%)
160,600 171,500 200,462 248,574 289,960 16.6% 227,494 264,030 16.1%
smart 134,800 117,000 97,528 101,996 103,738 1.7% 87,961 82,449 (6.3%)
Mercedes-Benz Cars 1,256,600 1,129,300 1,265,228 1,362,934 1,423,835 4.5% 1,162,519 1,271,508 9.4%

Source: Daimler Annual Report、Interim Report for respective year、IR Release November 6, 2013
Note: A figure in brackets (  ) indicates a loss


Mercedes-Benz Cars' business performances

 Daimler Group's passenger car division, Mercedes-Benz Cars, registered revenue of EUR 46.96 billion from January through September 2013, an increase of 3.1% y/y. However, the EBIT declined 23.7% y/y to EUR 2.7 billion while return on sales declined 2.0 percentage points to 5.8%. According to Daimler, these declines resulted from the development of new models and technologies along with the enhancement of production capacities. The revenue in the third quarter rose 8.4% y/yto EUR 16.52 billion and the EBIT rose 23.3% to EUR 1.2 billion. Sales are strong in China, the U.S. and Western Europe attributable chiefly to the market launch of the A-Class and the CLA. Daimler expects further growth in EBIT throughout the fourth quarter with continuing strong sales of new models and on-going cost reduction initiatives.

Mercedes-Benz Cars: Consolidated financial results

(in million EUR)
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2011-
2012 2013 changes
sales 47,772 41,318 53,426 57,410 61,660 7.4% 45,539 46,955 3.1%
EBIT 2,117 (500) 4,656 5,192 4,389 (15.5%) 3,540 2,701 (23.7%)
EBIT Return on Sales (RoS) 4.4% (1.2%) 8.7% 9.0% 7.1% (1.9%pts) 7.8% 5.8% (2.0%pts)
Capital investment 2,246 1,618 2,457 2,724 3,495 28.3% 3,373 3,221 (4.5%)
R&D 2,994 2,969 3,130 3,733 3,863 3.5% 4,192 3,968 (5.3%)
production 1,338,245 1,031,562 1,312,456 1,392,083 1,455,650 4.6% 1,086,786 1,177,984 8.4%
Sales volume (wholesale) 1,273,013 1,093,905 1,276,827 1,381,416 1,451,569 5.1% 1,054,105 1,141,668 8.3%

Source: Daimler Annual Report、Interim Report for respective year
Note: A figure in brackets (  ) indicates a loss



Production Forecast by LMC Automotive: Daimler production to reach 2.28 million units by 2016

(LMC Automotive、October 2013)

Daimler Group Light Vehicle forecast  According to LMC Automotive’s forecast in September 2013, Daimler’s light vehicle production in 2013 will show a slight increase of 0.7% to 1.79 million units in comparison with 2012. The group will continue expanding the production volume each year, achieving 2.28 million units by 2016, which is 27.6% growth from 2012.
  China’s output is expected to grow strongly by 2016, multiplying 2.7 times to 285,000 units. The United States is another region projected to grow significantly, expanding by 57.1% to 308,000 units by 2016.
  In Europe, Hungary is expected to triple the volume to 135,000 units in 2016. Conversely, German production is expected to decrease by 4.6% to 1.01 million units compared to 2012 as output increases elsewhere. Regarding the changes in the global production, LMC Automotive states: “China’s output is expected to increase as the GLA and A-Class are added to the existing models at the Beijing plant. This will compromise European output growth, however.”

Daimler Group production forecast by country and by make (LMC Automotive)

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total 1,592,467 1,724,541 1,776,266 1,816,407 1,903,509 2,106,672 2,276,533
Argentina Mercedes-Benz 14,253 15,862 13,417 16,062 17,190 25,412 27,357
Austria Mercedes-Benz 5,304 7,123 9,850 10,314 7,907 7,426 7,221
Brazil Mercedes-Benz 12,260 - - - - - 5,827
China Mercedes-Benz 50,272 90,601 104,355 117,036 148,271 214,519 283,129
Finland Mercedes-Benz - - - 9,730 38,023 34,108 31,078
France Mercedes-Benz - - 14,089 25,000 34,863 35,430 35,161
Smart 97,435 103,635 104,154 93,623 82,104 100,552 101,444
France Total 97,435 103,635 118,243 118,623 116,967 135,982 136,605
Germany Mercedes-Benz 1,108,252 1,155,421 1,089,386 1,054,101 1,000,359 946,507 1,007,882
Hungary Mercedes-Benz - 127 41,035 114,482 135,836 149,803 134,693
India Fuso - - - - 1,176 1,506 1,210
Mercedes-Benz 5,090 7,354 6,020 5,241 9,168 10,435 13,530
India Total 5,090 7,354 6,020 5,241 10,344 11,941 14,740
Indonesia Fuso 11,800 12,465 15,445 14,875 12,839 14,827 16,526
Mercedes-Benz 2,665 4,805 5,224 4,202 2,299 2,813 3,435
Indonesia Total 14,465 17,270 20,669 19,077 15,138 17,640 19,961
Iran Mercedes-Benz 84 - - - - - -
Japan Fuso 16,896 18,317 20,593 19,586 13,891 14,978 15,399
Malaysia Fuso 1,671 1,356 2,099 2,289 2,508 2,841 3,011
Mercedes-Benz 4,173 5,120 5,163 4,302 4,617 4,788 5,047
Malaysia Total 5,844 6,476 7,262 6,591 7,125 7,629 8,058
Mexico Mercedes-Benz - - - - - 6,829 25,098
Philippines Fuso 371 457 616 539 598 667 745
Russia Mercedes-Benz - - - 3,407 15,158 16,541 16,822
Slovenia Smart - - - - 20,794 70,551 67,920
South Africa Mercedes-Benz 52,594 50,322 63,049 53,559 47,866 77,504 80,243
Spain Mercedes-Benz 70,310 76,203 71,299 59,897 58,094 72,938 75,804
Taiwan Fuso 6,332 7,358 9,025 4,976 5,276 5,687 6,012
Thailand Mercedes-Benz 4,251 4,779 5,497 4,541 3,717 4,089 4,020
USA Mercedes-Benz 128,454 163,236 195,950 198,645 240,955 285,921 307,919
Source: LMC Automotive "Global Automotive Production Forecast (October, 2013)"
Note: 1. Data indicates figures of only small-size vehicles, including passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of under 6 tons.
2. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any data will require permission of LMC Automotive.
3. For more detailed information or inquiries of forecast data, please contact LMC Automotive.

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