The Secondary Battery Show in Japan: Review Part 1 - Battery



This Report introduces remarkable new products and technologies concerning a Li-ion battery/next-generation battery and a nickel hydrogen battery to be used in green vehicles (hybrid vehicle, plug-in hybrid vehicle, electric vehicle, and fuel-cell vehicles) by 14 companies at the 2nd Battery Japan 2011 (held at Tokyo Big Site from March 2 to 4, 2011).

Battery type Company Product/Technology
Li-ion battery / Next-Generation battery Hitachi Vehicle Energy Li-ion battery for HEVs (to be supplied to GM’s eAssist hybrid vehicle).
Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Li-ion battery for construction machinery.
IHI / A123Systems (USA) Li-ion battery module (to be supplied to Karma PHEV).
Power Supply Design / Showa Aircraft Industry

- Lithium-ion iron phosphate battery and BMS (Battery Management System).

- Noncontact quick charge system.
GS Yuasa / Lithium Energy Japan

- Li-ion battery “LEV50”.

- Lithium vanadium phosphate battery.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Li-ion battery "MLiX".
Daiwa Can/ Pues

- Production of Li-ion battery pack by commissioning.

- BMS.
Seiki / Advanced Electronics Energy (China) Lithium polymer battery for electric motorcycles.
Edison Power / Kokam (Korea) Li-ion battery for industrial use / smart grids.
GS Caltex (Korea) All-solid-state thin-film secondary battery.

Zhuhai Yintong

Energy (YTE) (China)

- Lithium-ion iron phosphate battery.

- Lithium-ion titanate battery (acquired technology through the acquisition of US-based Altairnano).
FDK Li-ion capacitor for HEVs “EneCapten”.
Nickel-Metal Hydrogen battery Kawasaki Heavy Industries

- Large-capacity nickel hydrogen battery “Giga Cell”.

- Next-generation street car “LRV”.
Sebang Global Battery (Korea) Nickel hydrogen battery for EVs “GMH”.

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