The 1st Automotive Weight Reduction Expo (held concurrently with EV JAPAN)

Report2/An exhibition outline on foamed plastics and new plastic molding technologies



 Below is a summary of exhibits focusing on the use of plastics, especially foamed plastics, and new molding technologies at the 1st Automotive Weight Reduction Expo held on January 19-21, 2011, (held concurrently with the 2nd EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo).

 The use of foamed plastics is increasing because of their heat insulation, shock absorbing properties (resistance against impact) and sound insulating properties, in addition to being lightweight.

 New plastic molding technologies exhibited at the show included a next-generation die-temperature control technology (by Yamashita Electric) that eliminates weld lines or warp, IMP method (by PLAMO) that eliminates voids, and other engineering methods aimed at higher mold accuracy or the use of plastic products including replacement of metal parts.

 Please see  Report 1 about exhibits focusing on aluminum and other lightweight materials.

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