Hannover Messe 2023: Industrial Transformation ‐ Making the Difference

Catena-X data ecosystem, and Bosch's battery-discharging systems for recycling



HANNOVER MESSE exhibition site
HANNOVER MESSE exhibition site (HANNOVER MESSE 2023, organized by © 2023 Deutsche Messe AG)

  The HANNOVER MESSE is one of the world's largest trade fairs, dedicated to the topic of industry development. It is an annual five-day event organized by Deutsche Messe AG and held at the Hannover Exhibition site from April 17th to 21st 2023. This year's theme was “Industrial Transformation ‐ Making the Difference”. After three years of Covid restrictions, the world's largest industrial show was once again in full swing.

  The HANNOVER MESSE 2023 hosted over 4,000 companies including over 300 start-ups and it was attended by 130,000 visitors (an additionally 150,000 digitally) from around the world. 43% of visitors came from abroad and after Germany, top visitor nations were the Netherlands, China, Korea, Poland and the United States.

  The key topics at this year's exhibition were:

  1. AI & Machine Learning
  2. Carbon-neutral Production
  3. Energy Management
  4. Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
  5. Industrie 4.0

  Over 100 political delegations from more than 50 nations were guests at HANNOVER MESSE this year, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Indonesian President Joko Widodo and German Economics Minister Robert Habeck, who spent a whole day exploring the exhibition halls. European Union (EU) representatives were present as never before. Other delegations arrived from Europe, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, the USA, and India. Indonesia, the event's Partner Country, presented itself as an appealing investment and partnership destination, highlighting its dynamic and attractive business climate.

  The exhibition floor at Hydrogen Fuel Cell Europe featured more than 500 companies from 25 countries, including Bosch, Schaeffler, Siemens, and Linde, showcasing their latest innovations and solutions for the production, storage, transportation, and consumption of hydrogen, in support of the drive towards greater energy and resource efficiency, and climate protection.
  (Reference: Global Exhibition Reports - Hannover Messe 2023)

  Exhibitors at HANNOVER MESSE, together with the event organizers at Deutsche Messe, have reached a strongly positive conclusion about this year's event, saying that the world's leading industrial trade fair demonstrated that the technologies for competitive and, at the same time, climate-neutral industrial production are already available. The next step, they said, involved the need to make consistent use of all the available solutions.

  Next year's HANNOVER MESSE will take place from 22 to 26 April 2024.


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