Automotive World 2021: Electrification Technologies

The 12th EV Japan EV, HV, & FCV Technology Expo: Motors, controller components, instruments, etc.



  The Automotive World Conference 2021 was held as scheduled January 20 through 22, 2021, at the Tokyo Big Site exhibition hall. As the event was held in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, thorough enforcement of measures including the wearing of masks, alcohol disinfection, and the checking of body temperatures with thermal imaging cameras was undertaken.

  With the declaration of a state of emergency, it was noted that some exhibits were cancelled and others were by panel display only without representatives at the booths to explain the contents. According to the organizer, Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd., the total number of visitors to the Automotive World Conference 2021 and the concurrent technology expo was 14,804 over the three days.

  This report introduces the exhibits related to electrification focusing on exhibits at the 12th EV Japan EV, HV, & FCV Japan Expo as well as the 7th Car-Mecha Japan Automotive Components and Processing Technology Expo, the 11th Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo, and the 13th Car-Ele Japan International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo, all specialized shows within Automotive World.

日本ピストンリングの圧粉コアモータ EV・HV・FCV技術展会場
EV, HV, & FCV Technology Expo exhibition hall Nippon Piston Ring’s powder core motor

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