Tokyo Motor Show 2019: Light-weight components, high-performance parts

Suspension, wheels, knuckles, camshafts, seats, brake seals, torque converters, joints, and more



The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 (Dates: October 24 through November 4, 2019; Venue: Tokyo Big Site) sponsored by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association is an exhibition which, focusing on Japanese vehicles, brings together in one place the latest technologies in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and components. This year, especially, the exhibition contents changed significantly from previous motor shows, including free admission for children through high school age and attendees being able to experience future vehicles other than automobiles as an effort to gather many end users. For the component suppliers, too, rather than highly specialized displays there were many exhibits to increase name recognition and well as concepts of future technology.

In this report, the content will deal with weight reduction and high performance components. There were many exhibits of components related to electrification, and these will be presented in separate reports.

Tokyo Motor Show 2019
Tokyo Motor Show 2019
Components display area

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