SAE China 2018:NEVs and Big Data

Big data and understanding how it can be used in NEV utilization and the charging infrastructure



 The development of the New Energy Vehicle (NEV)industry in China has been a key element of China’s five-year development plans since 2001, as well as for the national strategies of major countries worldwide. Big data technology is a key technology associated with the government’s Made in China 2025 policy, which is commonly understood globally as being closely linked to the future success of the NEV industry. At the annual SAE China 2018 convention, participants from technical societies and related research organizations stated their opinions regarding NEVs and big data. This report focuses on the application of integrated NEV and big data technologies.

 The Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China), a national academic organization, was voluntarily established in 1963 by members of automotive technology-related industries. As a non-profit social organization, the SAE-China is a member of the China Association for Science and Technology. It is also an executive member of the International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA)and one of the sponsors of the International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering (IPC) (currently known as the Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference (APAC)). Experts attending the conference discussed the state of NEV development and usage nationwide in China, in Shanghai, and around the world, and the ways in which big data technology can be used in conjunction with NEVs.

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