Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Commercial vehicle exhibits (Part 2)

Exhibitions from UD Trucks, SCANIA, Hino, and Toyota



At the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, 153 companies and organizations, including 34 domestic and foreign OEMs, and 27 brands had exhibitions. 380 vehicles, including world premiere and Japan premiere vehicles were exhibited. As for commercial vehicles, 6 large truck manufacturers, and 11 body manufacturers (excluding light vehicle manufacturers) had exhibitions.

As part 2 of the reports on the commercial vehicles exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, this report introduces the exhibits of UD Trucks, SCANIA, Hino, and Toyota. SCANIA exhibited the Asia premiere of its new truck for the Japanese market. The Toyota Group exhibited its mass-produced large-sized SORA commuter bus, featuring fuel cell batteries.

See the following report for the contents of Mitsubishi Fuso and Isuzu exhibits.
Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Commercial vehicle exhibits (Part 1) (Dec. 2017)


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