Latest weight saving technologies: Automotive World 2017

Sekisui Plastics exhibits resin foam seat components used in Toyota's C-HR



Sekisui Plastics exhibition
Seat components using resin foam adopted by Toyota C-HR: Sekisui Plastics exhibition

  Automotive World 2017 was held in January 2017 at Tokyo Big Site. This report is the 2nd part of a 2 part series on the exhibition. It features an overview of the exhibition with a focus on the 7th Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo, which was part of the event.

  Continuing from the previous installment, which focused on carbon fiber reinforced plastic technologies that were on display, this report will provide a brief summary of other lightweight technologies such as thermosetting resin, thermoplastic resin, and resin foam. Sumitomo Bakelite promoted its lightweight solution for power trains and brake systems that uses thermosetting resin composite, and also displayed a resin-made 3 cylinder integral valve cover, 1 cylinder engine cylinder block, and brake caliper concept.

  Sekisui Plastics displayed "PIOCELAN" polystyrene/polyolefin hybrid resin foams that were used for the seat components of the Toyota C-HR (see the photo on the right).

  Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. also exhibited a door trim and air duct that use resin foam.

  Toyobo displayed glass fiber-reinforced polyamide resin door mirror parts, which the company to make an alternative to metal. Bond Laminates and Sanwa Trading exhibited a rear bumper used in the Honda FCV Clarity which is made by impregnating continuous-glass-fiber (woven glass-fiber) with thermoplastic resin. Dai Nippon Printing exhibited curved surface resin glass that uses ultra-weather hard coat transfer film. Ube Material displayed a functional filler called MOS-HIGE.

  As for lightweight component offerings that use metal, ARRK promoted an impact beam that is integrally molded using 7000 series aluminum. Asano exhibited hot press parts in shapes that are typically difficult to mold.

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