JSAE Exposition 2016: Electric components for powertrains that raise fuel economy and reduce CO2

IPTT's integrated electric supercharger and starter generator; Schaeffler's electric valve control



At the JSAE Exposition 2016, companies displays included parts and materials that incorporated the latest technologies. This report will focus on two unique electrified powertrain components developed chiefly to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

The first is the SuperGen, an electro-mechanical supercharger that integrates a starter, generator, and drive power assist, which was developed by Integral Powertrain Technology (IPTT), a joint venture formed by Canada-based Magna International Inc and Integral Powertrain Limited, a British company. The second is a continuously variable valve timing control system called Electric Cam Phaser (ECP), which was developed by the German firm Schaeffler. Both exhibitors displayed their prototypes and gave detailed presentations about the components.