Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi extending active safety features

Numerous innovative systems on new M-Benz E-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi Q7 and A4



Intelligent Drive next Level
Intelligent Drive next Level (semi-autonomous
driving system) on new Mercedes-Benz E-Class
(Source: Mercedes-Benz press release)

 Reported below is availability of active safety features on Daimler, BMW and Audi's models released (or to be released) in Europe. Five models ranging from the flagship, midsize to entry models are selected for each brand and their feature availabilities are compared.

Daimler (Mercedes-Benz brand models)

* Offering different Driving Assistance Packages for midsize/large vehicles and small vehicles
* Installing new active safety features on the new E-Class to be launched in the spring of 2016

BMW (BMW brand models)

* Nearly the same Driving Assistant Packages available on all models
* Featuring various Driving Assistant Plus Packages for different models
* Adopting new features on the new flagship 7 Series to be released in October 2015

VW (Audi brand models)

* Offering more active safety features on the new Q7 and A4 (to be) released in 2015 than the flagship model
* Featuring automatic brakes for vehicles and pedestrians and multicollision brake assist system as standard equipment
* Preparing three assistance system packages: Tour, City and Parking

Movements related to active safety features in the future

* Euro NCAP's assessment items for automobile safety
Including Autonomous Emergency Braking for vehicles and Lane Keep Assist systems in 2014
Including Autonomous Emergency Braking for pedestrians in 2016

* Research and development on autonomous driving progressing by the three OEMs
Semi-autonomous system (such as Traffic Jam Assist) increasingly available

Cockpit of new BMW 7 Series
Cockpit of new BMW 7 Series
(Source: BMW press release)
Numerous driving assist systems
Numerous driving assist systems available on
new Audi A4 (Source: Audi press release)

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